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I may be a little crazy, a little so weird and maybe even extra-ordinary. But i'm glad to have people who love me.

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posted: 4:04 PM
Wednesday, June 20, 2012
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. - Reinhold Niebuhr
Phew. Spent like 4 hours reworking my blogskin cos I was sick of it. Archives are hidden, the past should just remain in the past. But I left it on the site for whoever finds it for their entertainment. There's a lot of things that I've done in the past year alone that I'm not truly proud of. But the memories are etched into my skull. Let the lucky people who find it know the real(old)me I guess. :)
Hopefully it encourages me to blog more. But Ha Dee Ha Ha. 
Doubt so. Nothing has been going on in my life. NADAH. Besides me being promoted from my job at MBS to freeloader at home :D 

Okay, nothing to be glad about. Hopefully, I can settle my university options soon. And then I can find a suitable part time job. Fingers crossed!

x. C


Periodic update is Periodic
posted: 12:58 PM

Gained weight... SIGH. 

 Spent 2 nights at MBS during Valentine's with some Fabulous people. I've gotten so many gifts in one Valentine's that is more than all the Valentines that I ever had in my entire life. lol...

Brought Mom to shop everytime I got my paycheck...

These smelt REALLY GOOD. The day he 'officially' asked me to be his girlfriend after 4 months of dating ...

 Left my job at MBS... 
Definitely won't forget the people there.

As for April, my birthday was such a non-event. Didn't really have the mood to organise a party. So just had dinner and went for Ladies Night @ Butter. Got to thank Gerald & Shu for making it so special :) & my mystery man as well. 

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