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I may be a little crazy, a little so weird and maybe even extra-ordinary. But i'm glad to have people who love me.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

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2 decades old.
posted: 12:34 PM
Saturday, March 26, 2011
This is so weird, hitting the big 2-0.
Can't believe it already.
I was kinda shocked looking at my schedule in class realizing that my birthday was in a week.

Somehow I wished I had more loved ones to spend my birthday with me here.
But I'm in Florida. My family is going to be in Thailand at that time, and my friends in Singapore.

Suddenly, finally I feel homesick.
I miss all my friends, my family, the freedom, the transportation.
Seriously, being independent isn't all good.

I'm not someone whose good at time management.
So that kinda sucks.

Time check: 12.39am.

I'm tired.
I feel like sleeping.
But it's my day off.
So I gather that I ought to make full use of my time.

I really have no idea where to go for my birthday, who to spend it with.
I don't even know whether I'm on off for that day.

I really, really miss home so much now.
I miss my mommy, my daddy, my sisters.
I just miss their presence so much.

But I got to be strong, I'm an adult now aye?
Young adult still.
But with growing up, comes responsibility.
I hope I'll be able to live up to expectations.

I hope, being 20 years old.
Counts for something.
New beginngs
posted: 5:36 AM
Friday, March 04, 2011
My english was so damn atrocious man.
I just imported archives from my old blogs.
This means I've been blogging since 2004? or 2005 to be exact.
Wow, I've changed a lot.

I've had Joan Babe to read my blog for fun cos I couldn't entertain her.
Well, I guess my old self did. Haha.

Read through my old prayer blog...
Last time I blogged there was in 2009.
And it was the only post for 2009.
I know I backslided A LOT.
And I sort of lost faith.
Man... what can I do?
My prayers was way deep, reading them now, I'm very surprised at myself.
At the language I used in my so-called Letters to God.

And my posts from 2005 are gross.
Like super mushy and cheesy and vomit blood type of gross OMG.
What the fuck was wrong with me!?
Super toe/finger curling lah OMG.
Ewww. Sooooooooooooooo glad that I matured.
But it's so funny/interesting at the same time.

Sigh, too be in 'love' so young isn't that fun and good at all.
And seriously, I don't remember half the people mentioned in my blogposts. LOL.
And I was tooooooo boy crazy. Zzzz.
What the hell was wrong with me?
No wonder so many people found me annoying man.
And the language... I don't even want to start.
ii iish sho lii haii worx.
CRAZY as hell.
And how on earth did I manage an A2 for O level english... that I'll never know.

Please guys, I've changed. A LOT.
And it was like 6 yrs ago? Don't judge me. :P
posted: 4:17 AM

I think I might be a bit too crazy.

Boy crazy that is.