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“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

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People change, feelings change, memories don't.
posted: 4:55 AM
Friday, January 14, 2011
Met with KY for dins downstairs.
Talked & talked.
Talked about somethings I feel uncomfortable about I guess.
I was stupid, I thought I was in love.
I guess not.

Sometimes I regret.
Sometimes I don't.
But I feel stupid, naive most of all.
I really can't answer my own question.
Have I wasted my time?
My life?


In real time, I've been on 2 days MC.
Thank you generous doctor!
Now I'm having my off.
So 4 days of resting at home.
I really want more though ):
But unfortunately, won't happen, can't happen.
I really shouldn't be awake now.
I need to rest.
But sometimes, I really want to faint of exhaustion at work to show the management how shitty the job really is.

Off to sleep.
Wake up to go to school to drop off papers and to US embassy to collect more papers.
On To Central
posted: 11:09 PM
Monday, January 03, 2011
Finally I'm out of USS.
I will really really miss Ann.
I learnt so much from her.
How often do you click with someone who could even be your own mom?

Really, the politics and the hidden agendas of people at USS really really blows my mind.
I really must stop being hardworking.
It does not have its perks at all.
Instead I get accused of stealing a lead's job?
Wtf? I was just trying to help aight?
And the leads are either wussies/inflexible/NO BRAINZ.
Not that I want to be offensive, but they anger me so much sometimes.
As Uncle Eu told me, it's better to act dumb then be smart.
I'm bringing a new perspective to Central.
I can't please everyone and don't want to waste my energy to anyway.
"Your performance is... okay. You have initiative, but you have to use it at the right time. Too much is not good."
What in the fucking hell is that? So... I rather not help at all.

I really wish good luck to any new interns who are unlucky enough to be in wardrobe.
Experience gained yes.
But would it make you better then others who have worked in FOH if you're applying for a FOH job? BIG FAT NO.
For the most part, you'll learn that people aren't as simple as they seem.

I really miss working at Casino, where it wasn't complicated at all.
Do your work and you're fine.
Bitching happens when there's not enough work. Duh!
I hope it isn't the same as Central.
At USS, people tend to be pretentious due to the fact that the big boss works in the same area.
Zzzz. How 2 faced can a person be?

This is it. In less than 6 weeks. I'm outta here. FOR GOOD.
I will never look back.