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I may be a little crazy, a little so weird and maybe even extra-ordinary. But i'm glad to have people who love me.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

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Goodbye 2009!
posted: 1:46 AM
Thursday, December 31, 2009
2009 was kinda shitty.

I hope 2010 will be better.

I wanna be happy.
Again. Really.
Meeting boyfriend later (:
Which probably was the best thing that happened this year.
Take care people.
Enjoy your last day in 2009.
Look forward to 2010.

p/s: mood is kinda bad now due to work stuff! I hope I enjoy later!
Btw, monthsary is tmr. :D Kinda happy. Haha.
The 2000s.
posted: 1:58 AM
Monday, December 28, 2009

I didn't realise so much has changed?
3 yr old touch the computer. WTF.
But after all, these kids are still 9 yr olds.
posted: 3:40 AM
Thursday, December 24, 2009
It's kinda sad that I've got to stop my cosplay, lolita, dolls and etc.
Just so I can catch up with normal life. :/
Meh. I hope to go back soon!
Full time (:

I've got my 1000th post coming up ;)
Gotta make it interesting.
Got to sleep soon!
posted: 2:27 AM

So liek Tuesday, watched Avatar.
It was amazinggggggggggggggg.
I totally like!
Had rochor tau huey after that.
B gave me my Christmas present.
Hahaha, I like!

I don't usually get Christmas presents or Birthday ones to say the least.
So I guess it's the best one of the lot ;)
Not that I'm anti social or shitx.
Just, I don't really like Christmas.
Meh, even though it's Christ's birthday.
And I'm Christian lololol.
And ironically, I'm born a Christina -.-
I am THAT bored.

Went to 313 before work.
I do have to declare. ITS MAH FAV MALL \m/
Hands down. Even though there's liek no Chanel or Sephora or M.A.C or Watson's. HAHA.
Yes, those are some of my fav stores. AND I LIKE WATSON'S OK. Everything in one store :3
Makeup ftw! I think i spent like 300 in Wastson's alone for cosmetics -.-
YES. AND I DON'T PUT ON MAKEUP DAILY. I am siaozxzxxz (^.^)V
I'm in lurve with the boots from new loooooooook. But T____________T
Needless to say, I'm utterly broke.

Went to buy this nomilicious takoyaki at ion!
10 balls. Hiakhiak. Naiseeeeeeee. I wanted to try the yakisoba but HQ said NOOOOOOOO!
Walked past ToriQ otw to MRT I was liek 'PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE CAN I BUY?'
She ended up saying yes and laughing at me the whole way to work T_T
I shall use PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE on my boyf. HAHAHA. Yes, I'm pathetic. I KNOW RIGHT?
Worked. Thn met up with Mr. Boyf. HAHA.
I've been meeting him almost everyday this week. HAHA. WE ARE STUCK AT ZE HIP YA'KNOW! Okay, I need to stop being so needy T_____T But, I'm still meeting him before work tmr! HAHA. TAKE THAT!

I hate town this week ): So many people, the crowd is making me claustrophobic wtf. And I get all hot and sweaty wayyyyyyyyy to fast -.-
I wish sales don't end so fast man. I wish I had cash T_T

Mehhh, another long post.
Get used to it!
I'm not dead.
posted: 2:23 AM
Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Been spending the few weeks with Boyfriend.
Hahaha, the 'Boyfriend'

It's been kinda cool.
Haven't been so happy for a long time.
Can't blame meeeeeeeeee (:

Went to Orchard hotel w him and my gal pals for high tea.
Boy, did I regret the 5 rounds.
I felt so frigging bloated.
Watching HQ eating shaker fries at work grossed me out.
But, it all felt better after a nice long burp.

Got pay today (:
Bought lashes! Japan ones too. So softtttttt. OMG.
Plus it has a cute heart shape container!
Momsy & Daddy are back, so I'll start on photo posts soon (:

Sunday, helped lou&ivan out at Queenstown CC
B bought me to meet his 'laopo' =.=
Dindins at B's. His mom cooked porridge. o.o
But it was nice cos there was SI CHUAN CAI. not the kiam cai i thought -.-
Thanks arh, B. Keep on correcting me man!
Went to Bestfriend JJ's for class BBQ.
WOOOOOO. Ate, drank, kinda wii-ed?
Clement intro-ed this super dope drinking game. Circle of death. LMAO.
Too bad I couldn't stay longer ):

Going out later to meet B to watch AVATAR \m/
Need to drop by Denise to pass P somethings.
Wth, the more I work for P, the more annoyed I get.
And with 2 jobs it ain't taking up my time enough. And the pay is low, no double pay on PHs.
SUXOR PRZ. The only upside is learning abt wines. But liek, internet teaches me moar.
HAHA. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, someone prz intro me another job ):
Makeup/Retail preferred! (:
If I can find another good one gnna quit before new year cos of ze exams.
Speaking of which, I need to find time to study -.- WTF.

Yes, me.
I need to like bring my gpa up to a 3 AT LEAST. If not really, my uni choices are gonna be so minimal.
Yes, my life KINDA sucks. Life is unfair, no?

p/s: I REALLY REALLY WANNA GO TO 313's F21 T________________T 3 levels of HEAVEN. Omo. And I heard they lowered ze prices! HALLELUJAH.
But B say I cannot shop ): Go also no point! Gnna pursue Daddykins to give me mooooooolah for
CNY clothes. And check whether my pay has gone through so I can at least buy 1 item. & use the rest to pay back me debts T_T

Long post. I know, righttttttttttttt?
posted: 1:34 AM
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
I'm not a superwoman.
I'm just a normal frigging girl.

I wish, you can just read my mind sometimes.
posted: 9:32 PM
Monday, December 14, 2009
Right, wearing all black makes it okay for you to call me emo girl/ goth girl/ 'hello, halloween over already'
Nonsense. Reused,recycled.
New insults anyone?

Fyi: I now listen to kpop. I'm by your definition a goth.

Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld from M1.

5Cs have upgraded.
posted: 12:19 PM
Friday, December 11, 2009
The Singapore 5Cs have finally upgraded to 5Bs.

C for...
Career Country Club (Too old school)
Credit Card

Now the Bs are...
Billionaire (KACHINGZ)
+ 1 more BlackBerry :D CAN BBM WITH ME WHAT. Hehe.

Hahaha, this so so funny.
Total credits to HQ BESTIE for telling me about it. Lol.

Totally, find husband must have 5Bs already! I can feel my boyfriend getting stressed. LOL.
I very high maintainence ok! :D

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posted: 7:52 AM

Wai Lum going NS today woo!
Anw, we had a steamboat with him and ganggang minus PS, Nick & Jav last Sat.

Good luck!
Gonna pray for ya! :D

Spending Christmas with my clique loved too!
3 years in a row I think :D
Awesome friends.
Finally change of venue from Xun's to Jav's.
I'm excited :D
posted: 6:38 AM

Couldn't sleep X:
Boyfriend is gnna kill me.
Or have a killer time having to wake me up. AHAHAH.

Time for a change, new layout (:
Hope it looks fine though.
posted: 4:55 AM

Love the song hate the mv.

YAY FOR BRAIN'S COMEBACK, he's so cuteeeeeeee.

Ok, someone haz to update me with engrish songs nao.

Press replay, baby!


posted: 2:49 AM
Thursday, December 10, 2009
Need to replace mah dance shoessssssssss.
So that I am more motivated to dance again. Haha! (:

But current season is sliver. Dayum. ):
Pink Air Jordans so awesomeeeeeeeeee.
Would LOVE LOVE LOVE this for dance. So into nylon stuff now x_x after the Chanel campaign with the Coco Cocoon bag that Lily Allen is campaigning for. But as HQ Bestie says it looks like a trashbag x_x But the Juicy one look awesomeeeeeeee. S$450. Chanel is reversible though. Inside is RAD :D Hehe. Mom won't want to buy a trashbag T_____________T

Am saving up for this popsicles, hehe, looks like paddle pop I RIKE. :D
posted: 2:37 AM

Cos I damn bored, skyping with boyf making him study, Imma spam blog. :D

In case you baddies forget how I look liek :D


I lurve teh lipglossssssss!
Blur pix make you chio.
posted: 2:20 AM

Ahahahha, I realise I have a number of food pikchas in my phone.

Some day @ the coffee club. IDK what is this, but its naise.

Muddy mudpie! Damn sinful shitz!

AFA Day 2. Tony Roma's :D
Dad's Spicy w Fish.
Baby Rack w Chix! Mine :D
Some platter for Sissy and her boyf!
The ribs look damn little but it's not! It's damn nice and damn filling.
Last time I ate it was in primary school oTL

IDK when, SLICE @ FEP w JJ

I'm so hungry naooooooooooooooo
posted: 2:13 AM

My body is ebilzxzxz!
I've been sick for soooooooooooooooooooooooo long.
I wanna feel better ):


I haz bad urge to shop.
posted: 3:04 AM
Monday, December 07, 2009
Hi Beeeeeeeee! :D

Okay, everyone, I have a boyfriend naoooooooooooo.
If you don't know from facebook.
Don't complain I never tell you guys.
Cos I didn't tell ANYONE. Okay.
If you ask I'll say.
Don't come and accuse me of 'why you never tell me'
I had enoughhhhhhhhh srsly. Like damn lame lah!

Okay, tests later ):
Bye for nowwwwwwwww.
posted: 12:30 AM
Friday, December 04, 2009
caught in the middle.

best, who do I talk to now?

Universal upset man.
posted: 1:57 AM
Wednesday, December 02, 2009
why does life want to fuck me up when I want to be happy again?


What I want for Christmas...
posted: 1:43 AM

No tears.
at fucking all.

In the past 4 years, I've been crying during Christmas.
Life sucks.

Yes, kinda.
posted: 12:23 AM

stop pushing everyone that cares for you away.
please, for your own sake.
posted: 12:11 AM

yup, my best friend is not talking to me.