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I may be a little crazy, a little so weird and maybe even extra-ordinary. But i'm glad to have people who love me.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

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posted: 1:23 AM
Saturday, October 31, 2009
My dad saw through me.

He says I have no determination.
He believes that I can't make it alone in the US.

You know what! I really wanna go.
But even LL says she don't think I can survive alone.
It actually makes me very very emo. ): Like cry my eyes out emo. (Not your fault LL!)

I didn't know that I was so weak?
Didn't know I looked weak in someone else's eyes.
(I would rant but some things are too private to be talked about!)

Forget it, :/

But Dad says he will let me go if I want to.
You would think I will say 'I will make it to prove them wrong'
No, I don't have the confidence to say that.

Universal, I'm signing up! (:
And bestfriend JJ is signing up too! YAY.

I need you.
Where were you when I needed you the most.
posted: 1:45 AM
Friday, October 30, 2009
I'm gonna dieeeeeeeee.
Hello Kitty is having it's 35th anniversary this year and collaborations are popping up EVERYWHERE.

Hello Kitty x Stay Real hoodie X_X omo.
Hello Kitty x Melissa x tokidoki slippers. LIKE WTHHHHHHHHH? DAMN 3 OF MY FAV BRANDS. WTH.

I need new high cuts too.
): Blog more in sch.
posted: 12:15 AM
Thursday, October 29, 2009
Soccer tom tom during break.
You know what?
I'm scared.

HAHAHAH. Like srsly.
I bet I lost my skills alr ;^;
I only played regularly during primary sch man.
And I'm supposed to be goal keeper this time.
Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh way. I'm like scared of the ball :/ Like smacking me on the face.

Shingz. Suck thumb lor.

Movies with the girlies on tue (: I miss moviesssss. I need a movie buddy man!
posted: 11:43 PM
Tuesday, October 27, 2009
I want new shoesssssssss for danceyyyyyyyyy.
And flats so I can wear my dresses again.
Need new stockings/leggings toooooooo.
Money prz come to me :/

I need a super job.
posted: 8:24 PM

Very tempted to lighten my hair color after talking to Sron today.
We went to have dessert at J8 after lesson! While she bought a cake for her momsie.
I miss my mom ):

Went to sch for 1 and a half hour lesson lolz.
Had Cafe Cartel with N for lunch.
Sorry I was super late oTL
And stop being such a gentleman so I can pay for you!

Sorry B for ps-ing you last min!
Next time! (:

I'm a happy girl today!
I'm hungry onomnomnomnom!
posted: 1:03 AM

You know I hate being caught in the middle ):

Best friends destroyed in 3hrs.
Not supposed to harp on it!


My tutors are so awesome they moved away my 8am lesson.
Lesson starts at 3 tmr. ;)
Meeting N for lunch at 12. GG O:
Meeting B for dinner at 6.
Waiting and more waiting. SIAN-NESS.
Wait for guy somemore X_X


posted: 11:49 PM
Monday, October 26, 2009
I wish the passion for charity would back! ):
posted: 10:34 PM
Sunday, October 25, 2009
Planning to break out the prettiness tmr.
HAHA Joke!

Doing work na0.
posted: 6:45 PM
Saturday, October 24, 2009
I'll admit it.
I'm feeling I need someone right now.

Now its out it still doesn't feel better.
I'm out.
Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld from M1.

posted: 11:27 PM
Friday, October 23, 2009
D was so sweet to come pass me cough drops and some Chinese medicine drink at work.
After seeing my fb status. Hahaha.

Thank you so much!
I'm very very touched!
posted: 12:22 AM
Thursday, October 22, 2009
I dislike being sick.
I feel like a weakling, a loser.

I'm super powderful, play basketball in tights. WOOT.
Trainwrecked tights too. No money to buy new ones. (Dad says good) (CRY)

Trying to dress down for school.
I totally hate it when people ask me, "Eh you today going out is it?"
Must only dress nice when I'm going out?
Half a week done, successful I guess.
No low cut either. Lolz. Been digging out my old clothes to wear. With stupid tights to cover my stupid sandfly bites. Which look incredibly ugly, now that I've shaved my legs. wtf!

Sidenote, I gave up makeup totally after the first day.
Extra 5 mins of rest is needed. LOLZ.

I'm super superwoman. 2nd day pon already HAHAHA.
Okay, not necessary pon, I was sick k! I wanted to get proper medication too.
Cabbed to sch on 3rd day X_X

Imma start to be a control freak.
It will benefit my life.
Start curbing on spending.
Start exercisingggggggg. Super jealous of Sharon being skinny! HAHAHA.
With that said! Gonna sleep before 1!

posted: 12:48 AM
Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thank you :3
posted: 11:13 PM
Sunday, October 18, 2009
It hurts to breathe. ):
Damn my stupid throat.

I hate schoooooooooooooool.

Daddy is laughing at me for not buying the shoes that I wanted :/

posted: 1:14 AM

My throat is freaking sore.
I feel like drinking lime + salt to cure it.
It works very well ok!

Retail therapy was awesome.
Got a hoodie marked down from $200 to $25.
Awesome or what!

I want more shoes X:
Spent my pay in a day.
Bad bad me.
posted: 5:09 PM
Friday, October 16, 2009
I'm feeling super sick ):
Thank god it's after OBS.
If during GG until CMI lah.

I hate my timetable. Super hate it to the max ):
5hr break do what sial?
wth. This sucks man.
posted: 2:48 AM
Monday, October 12, 2009
Off to sleep awake at 6.
Meet Clara at 7 @ Woodlands.
Reach jetty or whatever at 8.
Off to OBS!

I hope I have fun.
Will be tweeting!
Catch me @Christsj

posted: 12:32 AM

Oh my super girl. 你是我的baby girl.

OBS from 12th - 15th! BYE.
posted: 1:22 AM
Sunday, October 11, 2009
posted: 3:04 AM
Saturday, October 10, 2009
Prease click to enlarge.

posted: 2:17 AM

I didn't know I meant so much to you.
posted: 8:46 PM
Friday, October 09, 2009

I can't find my sketchbook.
My stupid sister give me super hard costumes for her cosplay.
One might include PVC. KILL ME NAO.
I think I would concentrate on her costume first :/
Although I started buying for mine alr. Sigh~
Need to order wigs NOW. But no moneh :/
Can't shop for the next 3 months already. And I need a job.

Going out with JJ tmr to get camp stuff.
There's opening for Xsquad means spending again :/
But I can't wth.

Now I need to buy new cloth and find someone who can read Japanese.

And oh, finish up the dumb proposal and send it out.
Find estates for Subway in NYP.

posted: 8:01 PM


So annoying need to transfer contacts.
Still haven't activate my apps. Yet.
Hope it's easy. WOOT.
posted: 11:09 PM
Thursday, October 08, 2009
Found new secret shopping spot.
And I need a job ):
posted: 1:40 AM

In the taxi, I had sore eyes. X_X poked my eye wearing contacts. Nails were too long. This pic is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy long ago. I miss my hair. ): I miss my long long hair man. Cut already cannot regret!

Trying to paint my nails.
Turn out super uglyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Can't find my black nail polish :/

Going cheenatown later I think or town. IDK.
Shopping alone again. lolz. me noobx.

Still I'm utterly boreddddddddddd.
Off to watch more dramas!
Any intro me asian dramas?????

posted: 3:22 AM
Wednesday, October 07, 2009

posted: 12:00 AM


I shouldn't have cut my hair ):
2ne1 love!
posted: 10:38 PM
Monday, October 05, 2009
PS. You can skip this entry LOL. Raving about 2ne1 :D

I am super fan! HAHA :D
Rewatching 2NE1 tv!
2NE1 is a korean girl group. They are sooooooooooooo cool I swear.
CL/Chaerin is 18 and Leader of the group. She's the rapper.
Minzy/Minji is 15 and the Dancer of the group.
Bom/Park Bom is 25(?) and the Main Vocal.
Dara/Sandara is 25(?) and is the Mascot(meaning she's the one representing the group the most and in charge of the jokes and stuff) hahaha, she's so funny.

2ne1 tv is just basically, filming the girls and how they live and practice and stuff. Behind the scenes stuff.

This is prolly my favourite episode. The girls just moved in into their new dorm and they went grocery shopping! Bom in the supermarket is so funny, she just stares at bread (They have a fitness instructor and he monitors their food intake etc and workout) that she can't eat ):
I love CL's fringe in this epi. So cute. Cos her fringe grew out. Thn the tips are blonde. (From part 2/5)

I LOVE THE BLACKJACK SHIRT ;^; Sold out everywhere. wth. Blackjack is the name of their official fanclub! (: So naturally, 2ne1 = 21 = Blackjack.

* 'Ssan' in Korean means cheap, that's why Dara dislikes being called Ssandara, if you listen there is a distinct difference in 'San' and 'Ssan'

* 'Unnie' for girls to address older girls/sister.
** Bom used to study in America
*** 'Aigoo' similar to our 'Aiyo'

*Geum JanDi = Goo Hye Sun = Boys over Flowers = Geum JanDi
**Gummy is another singer in the YG Entertainment company which 2ne1 is signed to.
*** Dara originally stays in the Philippines with her family. She is Korean who migrated out.
& I like to copy CL's Ah Go Go GO~

*Notice CL wearing BigBang's Hoodie, BigBang are their seniors in the company. They are super close. With Bom featuring in alot of BigBang's MV's as she was recruited the earliest. In another episode I think, BigBang's G-Dragon/Jiyong is also wearing 2ne1's BlackJack hoodie. CL & G-Dragon is reported to be very close. :D
**The extra lady in the house is supposed to be their manager/house mom I think.

2ne1 Debut in Lollipop with Big Bang for the Lollipop LG phone.
P/S: I LOVE T.O.P, DAESUNG AND GD better thn the rest in Big Bang xD in that order.

Addicted to this choreo of BigBang's Last Farewell. Damn cute. This 2ne1's cover.

I love the legos used as accessories. So cool. I personally love their stage style. Esp. CL's.

If I'm not wrong Fire is their debut single as well. Love Minzy's dance skills man. POWER!
Ok enough 2ne1 spam for now :D
One day @ RP
posted: 9:51 PM

My makeup stuffies! Need to get a bigger pouch overflowing alr X_X
Helping YH to put fake lashes, so pretty but forget to take pic of her. -.-
Taking to love, another best friend about her wedding! Wearing nice contactsssss. :D
I bun my hair very nicely! Very cute, like bao. HAHAHAHA. But hair super messy ):
In case you guys forget what I look like! Haha, I very long never post photos already. ^^ But this is with makeup. Without I look very cui X_X I think. Hahaha, but I really don't bother to put makeup to school anyway. And I think my makeup skills suck more and more already cos I everyday at home X_X

That day, went to meet YH & LL , Bestfriends to eat Subway @ RP.
Don't know whether is it by fate or what, we got invited to a food tasting for a new cafe at the RP library. The bosses of the RP subway were there. They look super young though. And one of them gave me their card cos they are interested to open one in NYP. LIKE COOL ONLY. I'm supposed to pass it to the estate people, but I don't know who they are X_X Fingers crossed I get it done soon! (:

More photo posts coming (:
Woot woot! :D

posted: 11:25 PM
Sunday, October 04, 2009
Having cramps suck.

Having an emotional breakdown at 5am with no one to turn to sucks even more.
Yes, it's easy to have someone to say to you that they will always be there for you. But sometimes, they just don't understand. And sometimes, some don't know how to shut up and listen.

I give up, trying to find one who really understands. I need to look for my psycho doctor again. HAHA. Awesome 3 digit billing. woot. FML, I hate myself.
posted: 4:02 AM

I had enough of the dizzy spells alrrrrrrrr.
wtf, get out of bed also got difficultly now.

I don't want to get the low blood pressure like my mom. And the migraines have been back for about a week now. FML. I'm getting damn irritated super easily. Even Eden says so. .________. wtf.

I wanna kill myself. time to get proper sleep. fuck this shit!
posted: 2:49 AM

Dang, my hand smells like smoke. No shit man. Zzzz. I'm starting to hate bbqs. BLEARGH.
posted: 2:05 AM

2ne1 is amazingggg.

CL is my ultimate idol! She's freaking amazinggggggggggggggg.
Her bod is @#%^ nice.
She raps.
She speaks at least 4 different languages.
The clothes YangGeng (sp?) choses for her is super my style! LOL.
And she's my age. I feel so fail.

Plus Minzy's dance moves are super dope! For a 15 yr old!
Dara is super pretty and Bom is friggin cute & I love her dresses and voice. Ultimate girl group man!

Update laterz!
posted: 4:57 AM
Saturday, October 03, 2009
Okay, I didn't that earlier post was my 888 one. -.- wth.

I haz urge to do Guro Lolita for Halloween, but I haz no wheres to go man. Can't go club ):
Maybeh, I should do it for fun :D And like have a shoot! WOOT WOOT.

I need a dress and shoes. I plan to get red RHS cos they are oh so pretty. The bodyline dresses don't seem worth it :/ Ouch man, I don't plan to sew on all the way X__________X Too tiring. O: IDK, see how it goes, if not just go vampy with fangs from kosmo. HAHA HOHOHO.

Happy birthday sisterrrrrrrrrrr!
Congrats to best friend getting married as well (: LOVE YOU 2 VERY MUCH.
posted: 4:54 AM

You can’t expect me to be the same. Right? Cos you aren’t either.

I’m not gonna be the girl that runs to say hi when she sees you. I want to be the one that YOU come to say hi to.

posted: 12:24 AM
Thursday, October 01, 2009
I'm terrified at the thought of my future.
Everything is going to reach its breaking point soon.

I hate not being sure of my future anymore.