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"Sarcasm is the body's natural reaction to stupidity"

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I may be a little crazy, a little so weird and maybe even extra-ordinary. But i'm glad to have people who love me.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

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posted: 9:44 PM
Tuesday, December 30, 2008
I think I lost my laptop charger ):
posted: 2:50 AM


I finally fulfilled my wish of getting my SDF before my birthday!
And before the year ended even!

I LOVE YOU ALLAN L*** X**** N***
Hahaha ><
(Must censor. Cos he's google-able)

Thanks alot!


& I have not studied for my test yet.

I'm so happy I can bounce off walls.
I must go to sleep.

Athelia Rae come to Mommy!
Day 1.

p/s: There are bats like 8 meters away. @.@
posted: 2:23 AM
Sunday, December 28, 2008
(Besides the fact I ALMOST got a girl * I should stop harping on it* )

Got clothes for Shuuji and got him back.
He looks damn smexy.
Now he has the damn aristo feel.
No photos of Mr. Boyfriend No. 3.
Might bring him to school soon. :D

Nobody got a photo of him either. Sad ):
Got clothes in preparation of Athalia( Ah-Tee-leea *The spelling Athalia seems nicer than Athelia will confirm when she comes ^^) too ^^
YAY! Wanted Shuuji to cross but he doesn't seem to like it.

Man, got work later.
& I have not done my tutorials. SHUCKS. Zzzz.

oxox, ChriS
posted: 1:23 AM
Friday, December 26, 2008

Please don't act like you know me.
Please don't pretend that you like me.
& please don't fucking try to understand me when you never have.

Try your best, you will suck at it.
Yes I'm feeling angsty and cranking.
I'm having PMS for fuck sake.
But even if PMS didn't exist.
I believe I will still be feeling what I'm feeling now.

Christmas is over.
Hah. GG entertainment ftw!

Work later.

This is so screwed.
I'm so screwed.

TimeCheck: 2.24AM
Thanks guys, for the good Christmas Eve.
Too bad Xun chased us out. Hahaha.
Although Thanksgiving has been over for like a month.
I wanna give thanks to the Loved gang.
LianLi - Thank you for sacrificing your wishes for us this christmas so that the rest of us will be happy. & I do wish that your determination will get stronger and you will succeed! Go Miss President :D Haha!
YunHua - Thank you thank you thank you for being there for me. I love you many k! We NEED to go out more often dear!
YiXun - Bloody idiot won't read this anyway but I feel obliged to do this. Thanks for letting us in your house ALL THE TIME to hang out. Hahaha. And play your Wii! I'll get Rayman 3 for your birthday k? Hahaha. X: Thanks your kor also! For the food and job offers. :3
Nick - Thanks for being a pillar to lean on constantly. (Literally) ^^ I have yet to borrow money from you ever since you got so rich lehhhhhhhhh. X:
Alvin - Thanks ah! For disturbing me so much. FYI, I still have a preferance for girls. NOT YOU. & LL! I saw that wish on his card! Go jio that girl lah!
Wai Lum & Dab - Thanks ah you 2 for being an audience! Always laugh at me T.T I wanna cry ah! Dab hope you last super long! (: Wai Lum YOU NEED A GIRLF x)
Javier - You are missing out so much lah! YOU DON'T MAKE EXCUSES FOR YOURSELF LE LAH!

Twist of fate. + EOY Pics.
posted: 10:41 PM
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Zero is really cute! X:

By a twist of fate.
My time of Christmas isn't occupied by work.
I really wanted to work.
Christmas isn't really just my thing.
So peeps, raise your hands up to ask me out.

Ugh. I don't know what's wrong with me.
Above pics are from EOY.
Too lazy to update anymore.

2 paths.

One runs into the dark shadowed woods
One runs into the meadows and bright sunshine.

Which one would u take.

Humans are always hard to understand.

I'm still walking on the line, Kai.
I haven't chosen yet.
But it seems life doesn't want the sun to shine on me anymore.
Should I give up?


Timecheck: 2.50AM
Talked to the Guru.
What he said.
Was kinda true.

I'm really want to get drunk for once.
I need to unwind and let loose.
And bloody cry.
Haha. I guess. I need a release. You could call it.

And I thought about yesterday.
Sorry for acting like such a brat, Ben.
Thanks for being such a gentleman.

I hope I won't freak out on Nigel later.
LOL. Or on the Loved gang.
But no one can predict what will happen or do they?

Everyone needs a time to breakdown.
It's about my time I think.
Before I really freakout. Haha.
XOXO, ChriS.
posted: 3:12 PM

I'm back.
This sucksssssssssssssss.

Bangkok was so-so.
Not enough shopping.
But I love my new shoes though.
Planning to go in March with WeiYing and Robin.
But Mommy is not letting her little girl go.

Christmas is here.
It sucks always.
I always cry during Christmas.
So effed up.
Good thing I'll be working.

Good thing you're not here.
posted: 2:02 PM
Sunday, December 14, 2008
EOY was tiring.
But awesome.
Should have dressed as a maid instead.
Being Zeta girl's & Ciel Phantomhive's protector and all. HAHA.
Being called cute was awesome in a way too.

Post pictures after I get back peeps.
Back in a week.
Might blog in Thailand.
But it depends.
Take care people.
Enjoy the holidays.

Read my archives in the meantime.
They are what you will call, interesting.

OXOX, love ChriS
Make me happy.
posted: 11:40 PM
Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Please, whoever is controlling my life, my universe.
Make me happy.

I can't stand being like a walking undead.

I can't stand watching other people happy.

I want to be happy.
Like I have been.

Maybe, leaving Singapore will make life better for me.
Death by cartons.
posted: 10:35 PM
Monday, December 08, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates folks.

Work is hectic.
Pushing 8 hour shifts in the weekend to make up for lost hours ):
Working Christmas too.

Got a early Christmas present from Momsy.
Ugly pic of me anways.
The resin heart diamond necklace from Citigems.
So sweet of her!
Dad helped to pick it out too.
I love it.
& it's a perfect accessory for the LRD comp ):

Went out with Bestie B & KY today :D
Nothing much.
I feel like sleeping.
But work beckons me.
I need new contact lenses too ):


Besides, I have scratches on my face and hands.
From work ):
I hate the store.
So many cartons.
I keep thinking ' I'am gonna get buried inside by the cartons, I'm gonna die'
Man. Tsk.
I hate meeeeeeeeeeeself.

On a happy note.
I'm flying off on Sunday!
On a sad note.
I still haven't started on my projects.

KY, same feelings.
I need a partnerrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
To lean on man.
posted: 12:13 AM
Saturday, December 06, 2008
Smexy Nape :D
Anti Eyebrow + Clavicle Me likey!
So hot! Snake bites & Labret. :D
& Retarded me of course.

I'm thankful for the people showering attention on me recently.
Thank you.
But I haven't gotten attention from someone that I want to know better.
Ahh wells, not many will understand.
But I think snakebite guy is really cute.

Got a strong urge to get some piercings done in Thailand.
But I want facial ones, work people might not like it.
Itching for a nape one, but I want to wear necklaces.
Wrist one will get caught easily.
Clavicle can kill ):
Fuck. Not sure. ):
Ahh crap.
Dad wants me to stop working too.
Reducing my work hours to 3 days a week.
Gotta concentrate and buck up man.

Gonna go sleep.
Work from 11 - 8
Come find me.

Chillax. Out!
posted: 11:09 PM
Friday, December 05, 2008
A familiar melody.
A familiar scene.
A familiar ache.

A love story I knew since long ago.


Happy Birthday HQ (:
posted: 12:08 AM

Happy Birthday Best Friend Huan Qing!
(Sidenote: I know I have alot of best friends. One for every aspect of my life. This particular one is for my poly years ^^)
This girl, first time I saw her I disliked her for being so thin.
LMAO. I know. What a joke.
Now she likes my fats.
LOL how ironic?

Mmms, when you find someone you can click with when you have almost absolutely nothing in common says something about your relationship.
This friendship is really special to me!
Because we really have like almost 0 things in common with each other.
But yet we can click so well and crap so much.
We can even stare at each other and say nothing.
But at the sometime we are entertained!
People say this girl is my girlfriend(LOL!)
She is straight and single! x)

I really really really love this girl for being such a skinny bitch and whacking me always.
HAHA (Not in the lesbo way of course. I cannot imagine having such a skinny girlfriend =faceplam=)

Happy 17th girl! :D

In other news; I don't know whether to join the Little Red Dress comp.
Red is my fav color and I'm interested.
But I just don't have the time and resources.
Gambatte Kai! :D
I'll give all my ideas to you!
& thanks for the smiley.
It's really sweet of you.

Out! (^-^)V
of age & facts;
posted: 12:28 PM
Thursday, December 04, 2008
According to your age, list down the number of things that most people don't know about you.
And then tag 5 people: 1: YunHua 2: LianLi 3: Sron 4: Nigel 5: Whoever (^_^)V

1) I know how to drive.
2) I hate myself secretly >D
3) My job is super tiring.
4) I don't really like school.
5) I miss church.
6) I want 14 Dec to come soon.
7) I miss playing Wii. (LOL!)
8) I'm a stalker.
9) I'm unsure of my sexual preference. (HAHAHA!)
10) Most people in my school thinks I'm lesbian. :/
11) I'm happy I saw a certain someone at work on tuesday ^^
12) I miss my girls ):
13) I have no social life. HAHAHA!
14) I'm gonna meet my best friend B on Monday! Effin' excited manzzzzzzzzzz.
15) Best friend B is getting discharged! WHOOTS!
16) I'm going away from Dec 14 - 21.
17) I don't know what to get as for christmas presents.

How Great.
posted: 11:25 PM
Monday, December 01, 2008

Dear Lord,
Help me through this.
Help me through this week.
I lost touch with you.
I miss you.
Right now, as selfish as I am.
Please Lord.
You know I seek You.
I don't want to spiral down anymore.

I need courage.
I need strength.
All in all, I need You.
In your precious name,


I know that I'm currently being a religious prick.
But I can't help it.
I miss Him.

Now, I NEED to concentrate.

p/s: I still love this pic. Wahahahah. Thanks IKEA.
posted: 7:55 PM

20 % No sheeeeeeeeeeet.
No vulgarities today.
M gonna substitute them all and see how funny it is.

My sister is watching yaoi in front of me.
Ew. I know.
Will move away after I finish this post.

Gonna paint my nails midnight blue while studying.
Damn emo but I rike it.
Bleah :P
I finished 3 quarters of my pay alr.
Say byebye to saving ):
): I will payyyyyyyyyy.
Anyone who can tolerate my nonsense pl0x.

Buddy says I'm lesbian alr.
): How.
Like there is 3 more ICAs to go before I can relac.
Haven't started on Stats and EOC.
Damn oral. Ewww.
Facebook zzzz.
Don't get me please fork off.

I'm gonna start studying and try to sleep early today ):

Time Check:9.07pm
I'm watching Paris Hilton's New BFF.