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I may be a little crazy, a little so weird and maybe even extra-ordinary. But i'm glad to have people who love me.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

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posted: 3:59 AM
Sunday, August 31, 2008
Someone must force me to sleep early.
posted: 10:38 PM
Saturday, August 30, 2008
Ohya. The stupid bitch lost my contacts. @!$#@$#%.
Second time losing my lenses.
Want to wear also cannot.
Someone tell me a new color to buy leh.
I bought my stars alr.
I think I trying blue. HAHA.
WTF. I crazy alr.
I think I'm gonna be some emo angsty person over the holidays.

posted: 9:22 PM

600th post.

I'm going on hiatus for a week.
Cos my lappy is menstruating. -.- (i.e. Being cranky & having PMS)
Giving random problems.
Just 10 minutes ago it crashed.
With blue screen & all.
Most prob will be going down Wisma tmr or Monday.
I slept at 7am to 7 pm.
Didn't go to Matsuri at all.
With my lazy ass.

Dad doesn't want me to buy my D60 ):
Say I no skill.
Wah lao.
I got skill ok.
1,288 Bargain leh.
With dual lens somemore.

I really feel my extended family is like a drama serial.
Grams is out of the hospital.
Dad has been going to her place EVERY FREAKING DAY.
She has 8 children.
& only 1 wants to take care of her.
Plain nonsense lah.
Tsk. Pot calling kettle black.
Dad offered me $100 a day to take care of Grams.
I was like are you crazy?
My room so jia lat you think I can take of an old women is it?

Of course I am able to lah.
But me?
I don't even understand teochew.
Want me to die is it?
I can't communicate well with her at all.
Dad says its all excuse.
& he's right.
Because I'm not close to my Grams at all!
I don't even talk to her.
Which not very filial of me but, I cannot speak teochew.
How to communicate? ):
$100 a day is alot.
But, read above.
I don't know what to do lah.

Dad is also contemplating moving to Grams.
But ): I will miss my Daddy lah.
I guess, It's time for me to grow up & decide.

Hey people, when I'm gone don't stop reading my blog!
Read my archives & have a laugh at them okay?
Haha. I've changed alot since I started blogging.
Go see Go see!
I might even blog using my sis's lappy.
So don't stop reading my blog k?

posted: 4:20 AM

Go to sleep now.
Later go vivo become sai gang warrior alr.

My first sub culture event & I'm going as civilian.
Must get my dress soon-ish.

Zzzs for now.
I hope there will be loadsa photos later ^^
posted: 3:32 AM

Soundcheck: Fall for you - Secondhand Serenade 

Slept till 4. 
Didn't want to get up to go evg.
That's why you guys didn't see me in evg.
I'mma pig x)

Met up with Secret Friend(SF) !!
Went Comex.
No girls to see leh!
But alot of good looking guys!

I SAW MY D60! ):
1,288 for Dual lens kit.
OMG. I WANT. So many free things somemore.
But no dry box. T.T
Walked around thn went to Baybeats @ the esplanade.
Saw alot of hotties! LMAO.
The set wasn't good to me so we went off to eat Popeyes! @ the flyer.
Good leh! :D
SF sent me home after that.
We had a good talk!
SF is a very nice guy.
Albeit abit. XXX.
Thanks SF! for everything! 
Especially the cab ride.
I hope your wallet won't have a hole in it. 

I want to go Baybeats on Sunday!
Cos Caracal is playinggggggggggggggggg.
I heard they are damn good.
But 11pm set.
Die curfew die!

p/s: SF is only for me to know & you all to be curious about.
posted: 12:20 AM
Friday, August 29, 2008
Sometimes I feel like killing my my clique LOVED guys.
Bunch of bastards.

Will continue cleaning my room on Sat.
Shall dump everything in my IKEA box first. ^^
So convenient. 
Shall take photos to show you how dirty I am. HAHA.
I'm super disgusting.

tsk. Why I so proud -.-

Reminiscences; Friends.
posted: 5:19 PM
Thursday, August 28, 2008
I'm in the midst of cleaning my room.
Rummaging through all the little trinkets I have from over the past few years.
I can't help but to think of who gave it to me & how it came about and the memories that came with it.
Things from ex boyfriends, old friends, lost friends and girlfriends.
I can't help but laugh at our memories & regret that I did not keep that gift well.
Most items came out rusty or too old or dirty to use.
But I try to keep the rest the salvageable.

But I can't help but feel that I could have maintained my friendships better.
Those who know me know that I'm the sort not to bother maintaining friendships.
I prefer to it being 'frozen in time' 
After being away for so long, I hope that friendship was as it was like yesterday.
But somehow, they tend to drift away.
So far that you don't understand them anymore.
& you can't figure out why you were so chummy with them in th past and now, can't even connect at all.
So it's not really surprising for me to lose friendships easily.
I can't even bother.
Maybe there is a tinge of regret.
But I really see no need.
Maybe its just me. This mindset of mine.

So dear friends, sorry if I let you go away.
But I still love you wholeheartedly and hope our friendship will remain the same.
Thank you friends, for all the memories, all the gifts, all that laughter & most importantly the lessons in life that helped me grow up.
No matter what, in my heart I will remember you. 
So Call me lah. Cos I too lazy to call you!

I don't even maintain contact with my pri sch best friends.
How sad is that man.

Will post some pics later,
But I'm supposed to go out.
Peace out!
can die.
posted: 1:44 AM

Can die. Can die. I want to die.
Please don't see yh's blog.
I want to dig a hole & hide myself.

My SO CALLED girlfriends are grooming me.
Eh, it used to be giving out love advice.
Now they want me find boyf.
WTF. Got so jia lat mah?
Can die.
Wah lao.
I violent got fault also.
T.T I want to die leh.

If he love me must accept me for who I am mah.
I alr try to dress very su nu(Lady like).
Now want me to tone down abit kua zhang ok.
Got so jia lat mah?
Wah lao.

I seriously want to hide in my house & never come out.
LL sounds like she is on a mission.
I seriously want to die liao.
I want to cry liao.
I want to bang wall.
Wah lao. Like boot camp leh they all. 
Jia lat. 
posted: 7:29 PM
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
My room is still in a mess.
& my horoscope is asking me to clean it up.
What a joke.
posted: 4:54 AM

I'm still awake!
Later wake up at 4pm again @.@
Shall go to sleep nowwwwwwwww.
posted: 1:15 AM

Late 1.5 hours for our meetup.
Not my fault.
Someone was figuring out her iphone.
& I found out someone else also has his iphone alr.

Went to lib for books.
Thn headed to level 5 for dinner.
Thn off to buy 10cents lollipops which HQ made a huge deal about @.@

Arcade-d. Whatever you called it.
Talked to Yong Long for abit & saw Mr cutie with a lot of piercings.
HAHA. Huiya! That guy lor!
Thn headed home.
This is how bored I am.

I think I will read. Haha.

Oh, damn idiotic.
My ipod is DEAD.
I'm too much of a pig to repair it.
Guess I have to get a new one soon.
A product(RED) one I hope.

Nothing much to say.


p/s: I tried livejournal today. Not bad. But xanga seems better.
p/p/s: Having your ex boyfriend as a best friend makes you crazy. Hor nigel!
Don't be ignorant okay.
posted: 11:59 PM
Monday, August 25, 2008

I suddenly hate hospitals.
posted: 11:13 PM

I have just been to my 4th hospital this year.
Last year completely never go.
This year suddenly keep going.

Went to visit Grams early in the morn.
Was at the hospital till 7.
Fed Grams cos she was very weak ):
Grams get will soon eh!
I want you make kopi for me :D

Went IMM for dinner @ Hoshi.
Damn long never go alr.
Appetite was damn bad today ):
But better thn Saturday.

Got some buys.
A pair of good heels.
& some small daiso buys.
Not really in the mood for blogging actually.

Saw very cute doctors!
Wah lao damn cute lor. Photobucket
But... very short.
Shorter thn 170 buay tahan.
Mommy was saying how come all the doctors so small sized ones.
She turned to me & said "You should become a doctor"
Thn I was "I work hotel not hospital hello?"
Zomg. Photobucket

Grams get well soon.
Walk soon k?
fuck, get over it.
posted: 3:54 AM

I can't seem to sleep.

Maybe I have been thinking too much again.
Sigh. I'm glad I finally talked to you.
But it doesn't feel enough.
Ugh. I'm in such a dilemma.
Maybe I should just get back with D & get over it.
Can't help myself.

Visting Grams @ 11 @ the hospital ):
Please help me pray for her.

p/s: Give you all tak glam photo to see lah. I'm so no in th mood for things alr. ):
p/p/s: Please don't talk to me. Don't ask me how I am & stuff. I only talk when I want to. I hate when people try to dig things from me. I will tell you when  I want to.
p/p/p/s: Fuck, please tell me all this is JUST pms.
posted: 1:16 AM

fuck, I feel like crying. ):

Now my heart starts to run at every thought of you.
It hurts to smile.
posted: 12:30 AM
Because I cannot tahan alr.

Always is me help start the. 
I pro leh. x)
Even campfire I set up.
So I always stink of smoke.
So I want to relac leh. HAHA.

BBQ @ Amanda's was niceeeeeeeee. Photobucket
But hor. Me & LL was cooking all the way through their meeting.
But it was fun.
Like Hanson says. Better thn having meeting.

I hate my webcam ):
So er xin.
But I like this piccy. 
So candid. HAHAH. Photobucket


Grandma please get well ):
posted: 7:32 PM
Saturday, August 23, 2008
Warning: The material below is rated DIGUSTING. So put down your food & swallow your drink before you scroll down. You are warned.


RUBIX QUEEN. Or did I take it out of the box? 

I permed my hair you bitches. Oooooooh yeah. I know I look fatter SHUT UP.

I so love my third eye... On my tits. HAHAHAHAHA.

Ooooo. Looking at cha. No eyeliner Thank you.

Fuck Face much?



I look like 黑澀會美眉 (Hei Se Hui Mei Mei) REJECT.

WTF. -.- Maybe my hair isn't too poofy. HAHAH.

For suckers who don't know who the Hei Se Hui Mei Mei are...

If you don't understand what I mean forget it.
I still love ya.

p/s:I'm a tad lil angsty today.
Yay me. Under the weather.
posted: 6:41 PM

I'm bleeding. T.T

I feel so tired but can't fall asleep alr. @.@
Went for install early in th morn.
Thn the usual, went out with the interactors. 
Was feeling Sick
So was just listening & stuffs.

Ahhhhhh, are you afraid of me?
Talk to me today please. Sometime today. Zzzz.
oh fuck you.
posted: 12:56 AM

So what if I'm like a desperate slut?
Does that make any significant difference in your life?
I don't care.
Fuck off seriously.
& oh, stop being my friend.
Thank you for telling me I look like a slut.

At least I don't go around fucking guys just because I'm horny.
Hello. I'm not you.
Are you afraid I will be a better slut thn you?
Stop it you fuck. 
You're seriously losing it.
Now I'm going to sleep.
& oh, I never acted like a slut unlike you.
new skin
posted: 4:54 AM
Friday, August 22, 2008
it took me 5 hours to revamp the skin to my likings.
I'm still not satisfied.
Comment please.
I'm gonna make more changes.

I know it's a huge change from before.
I like it.
The CSS is damn nice.
Before I can get my own skin done.
I'll just stick to this.
Those who can find this page. Congrats.
Haha. Tell me what to change k?

If you compare my skin against the orginal. I did quite abit of work okayy.
I don't know how blogskinners can tan han.
I cannot tahan alr.
Going to sleep. Till afternoon :D Woots.

Peace out!
I feel so.. useless. Le sigh.
posted: 11:52 PM
Thursday, August 21, 2008
-.- I feel so wei qu.
LOL. Go find your boyfs liao. Don't find me.
I go one corner fuck myself can alr.

Wah lao I really want to smack you 2 & squeeze your boobies lah!
Within 3 days of each other can. You think world record arh?
Might as well all same day @.@

I didn't quite finish my POA. ahhwellls.
I think I did it the best out of the 4. LOL.
I got good feeling I might take Marketing sup.
After POA went PS, walked around & stuff.
I want to buy cottonon clothes lehhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 
&& the Gola Gold Ballet Flats. $89. @.@
Eulynn, HQ & JX went off to watch 4bia while I came home.
1. I have a curfew @ 11. Which I don't really mind as much. LOL.
2. I have the 4bia vcd at home. WAIIIIIIIIIIIT. No subtitles so I can't really lend it out.
3. I HATE HORROR. Plus got mental reflex while watching horror. I don't like the reflex. But ahhwells. 

YAY! Start of holidayssssss.
Ok, I really need to find a JOB alr.
I need money. Serious.
Ohya HQ, I hope you get your iPhone today. Hahaha.

Nothing much to blog about.
Time for me to start designing a skin.
Sigh. So damn headache.
LL, tell me who he is leh!

Peeeektures. of 28 June x)
posted: 9:22 PM
Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Rotaract Installation of North West.
Photos not very in order.
The first few was after the installation while touring the house somehow. & Oh, we didn't take the photo of the indoor swimming pool. The install was held in a bungalow rented from someone. It's actually a mini hotel of some sort. Which is so cool. I like the bedrooms. Haha.

Them, my Sec Sch besties.
All of them above taken by moi! :D
The house. It's actually really big & has another entrance.
Reception - Hanson
Outgoing President - Kumar
Guest of Honor - Kim
Very random pic. Look at the 2 in the middle laughing.

To further show the guests the importance of eyesight. Spurred on by our main project, Project I-Care, a eye sight awareness programme (I think LOL), we asked the guests to blindfold themselves to experience eating in the dark. Before the actual dinner. We actually served them wasabi + chili balacan on cucumber. Or something. I cannot remember. It was damn funny to see their expressions.
Tsk, Alan. Haha
VIP table.
Other VIPs
"Ahhh, don't punk'd me. I very scared"
"Eh can eat anot?"
Yyh & Kumar
Freddy, yyh, LL , Irene, me & peisi.
Damn fun locking out the president out of the house. 
& she actually posed HAHA before we open the door for her.
Me & my favourite uncle Leslie.
Us & our prizes. From lucky draw.
Buffettttttttt. GOOD FOOD.
Irene & Kumar
I like the bed! $250 per night anyone?
Please Excuse my face :/
Me, LL & Yyh.

It was really fun if I could recall. Haha. FINALLY POSTED THE PICS.
Maybe more pics soon. Ohya, this year we really didn't dress up as much as the previous years.
This year was just orange & indigo, The previous year was Western-Cowboy & the year before was Pirates. Haha. 

I love Rotaract :D
Must change motto alr @.@
Interact EVG install on Sat. More photos? :D