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posted: 4:09 PM
Tuesday, October 09, 2007
i just can't believe how parents these days are educating their children.
they just can't face th fact tt their precious child did wrong.
like hey your daughter got all knocked up nd you like lied to th sch about it.
its no wonder your daughter turned out that way.
karma huh. you get what you deserve.
well you definitely deserve th shame to live through.

blehh. well its not entirely th parent's fault th child also has responsibilities too is just whether they are mature enough to make RATIONAL decisions.
some though understand th consequences but just do things just for th thrill of it.
things : stealing not only outside but in sch too. which idiot wants to steal socks? zzz.
well tt idiot i'm mentioning gets away with everything nd his friends help like?
are those friends plain crazy? well most of th people around him has either given up on him or can't be bothered at all. let's see. his FILTHY rich. gets whatever his wants nd he steals.
he steals haro bikes, drinks from vending machine, pens from th sch bookshop ETC ETC!
like? wth. he cheats in exams nd his parents back him up. saying he is all good etc etc. nd he will change. like? he cheated on th damn retake too. like damn.

what has spurred me on to blog on this? well i just can't take it anymore. he is definitely destined for jail with such a long list of offences. its just tt nothing has been done to punish him. like argh.
he gets involved in such illegal things nd pushes th blame to his 'friends' well they can't be called actual friends since he bought them with money nd thrill. like? which idiot sets off a sparkler bomb out nd in sch after th crimewatch thingy on it. zzz. it's all about thrills. th thrills spurs on more offences. its not as if his academics are tt good. like? tt idiot is definitely doomed for disaster.

th police came today to sch. it was about a stolen? laptop from th library. well we ( my english class) did realized it gone but didn't really think much bout it. and now tt idiot is pushing th damn blame all over. i really pity th implicated. they are such nice guys which do not deserve in getting into so much trouble. well they are a little rebellious but not as extreme as th idiot.
UGHHHH! i hate tt idiot. he is damn disgusting. i can't believe how parents are educating their child. pampering nd spoiling them will definitely lead them to manipulate th parents themselves. i'm glad for th way my mom has brought me up. at least im respectful to those who deserve it.

take everything with a pinch of salt. all i heard is rumours. but still?

well i'm off to meet yh nd ll for luncher.
thn we'll go to night study.
there are some people i just can't stand.

;*BANG* all th baddies must die!
dollfie pics!
posted: 8:01 PM
Saturday, October 06, 2007

posted: 4:57 PM

i don't want a blythe anymore.
i want a dollfie! they are damn pretty.
i want a male dollfie.
hees. damn ex thou. $300 for an average size one.

watching why why love (huan huan ai) now.
damn nice series.
cant really get to start studying.
i'm digging my own grave.
blehhs. going out to mug with bfffu tmr.

i really need to work hard to attain th marks tt i want.

;only with a drive thn would you reach your destination.