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I may be a little crazy, a little so weird and maybe even extra-ordinary. But i'm glad to have people who love me.

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posted: 10:10 PM
Tuesday, March 28, 2006

ahaha. im watching csi.
i wanna sleep but i havent do physics!
minus 3 marks le.
hais. im a lazybumbum.
im mad post three times.
do many things to type.
but... ARGHH.
cant do it now.
i wanna go library! i wan my shanghai baby!
=( LIBRARY. i miss you. lols.
tml ill go bahs.
im tired. but i wanna watch csi.

;one last call.
150306. :)

posted: 9:17 PM

arghh fine.
ill stop posting craps for pple to kb me.
-_-" 7 days to my bdae lurhhs.
daddy's giving moolah to buy bdae cake for my bdae.
i got two cakes. wahahaha. sun nd wed.
wee. wanna eat cake wed must stay backX)
err. wonder got enuf marhhs.
i expect tue or thurs got a water parade for me.
thn wed got. th girlies pour. =( ALICIA PEI WO.

tday was fine.
but i was tired lurhhs.
i hate eng so much man!
i keep getting low marks.
* grumbles.
isit me or th teacher?
had headache during poa.
lurhhs... was half awake.
eng.. i have nthg to say.
started to hate it since sec2..
hurrs. im too picky lurhhs.
sam soo didnt come.
ms ong took over.
okay lurhh.
we got elective notes... hurr?
she got kao shan. lols. hor liwei?
wanted to kb desai.
lols. in some way lurrhs.
i dont like her teaching lurhhs.
she freaking biased.
AHH. had maths remedial.
hehs. i knew th answers.
just tt th table thingy donno.
mr goh arhh! do wrong say i do wrong. -_-"
me nd xiner was like. why cher so sabai one?
had intr tday. okay lurhhs.
ivan is very naughty..
hur. sec1s lurs.
hmms. got seminar coming.
hope to see haoyi, jaime, siying, wanying,eric.
woolala. itrs of th s'pore unite. lols.
i hope yr gf understands. X=
ooo. i wanna see melody nd sergius too.
th rj peeps. th wat donno wat name also.
hehs. i so love interact mans.
camp in june?
maybe lurhs.
hehs. im happy overall lurhhs.
btw. before i forget. i got caught for my socks.
1st time this year.
finally. nd nd nd!!!!
hurr. tml is.. erm. i forgot whose bdae?

im sensible enough to make choices of my own.
i already left my past behind.
there's no need to bring it up.
i just brought forward th friends.
not th habits.
there's no need to worry.
i promise things tt shouldn't happen wouldn't happen.
its my fault tt she went in.
i wont make another stupid mistake again.

;i've given up. i cant look back.
goodbye my friend.

; sugarush.
my solace.

btw. my msn is down. sorry for any inconvience caused. nd so is my email. =)
sms me.

posted: 8:57 PM

i give up.
i dont need attention.
arghh. nosey parker.
i wanna scream!~
i hate acjl. arhh. stop it with kel!~

posted: 10:22 PM
Friday, March 24, 2006
that was really painful.
what you said.
it isnt true.
it broke my heart.
laopo. you dont know me le.

i wanna say lots of things but ltr someone come kb me.
guess tears will be fine.
hot piping tears.
ill cry myself to sleep tonight.
btw daddy came to sch.
i was freaking happy.
i wanted to hug him lurr.

;often i wanted to ask why.
but i dont have th guts to do it.
tell me why.

;tears are words unspoken.

Night. toodles.
posted: 9:10 PM
Monday, March 20, 2006

ARGHH. MSN IS SO FUCKED. i cant even sign in.
totally sucks man. stupid. i wanna chat!~

youre stupid.
i hate you totally.
this is what you have done to me.
its payback time.

revenge is best served cold.

;baby, it'll only be one last dance.


posted: 6:18 PM
Friday, March 17, 2006

im tired.
i just cried. X=
its darling's birthday.
i miss her so fucking much.
sigh. why did cha have to abscond.
darling im still blaming myself for whatever happened.
i wanna get caught instead of you.
honey be a good girl.
so can release for good behaviour k?

im sad.
i couldnt be next to her.
i didnt even attempt to attend her hearings.
ugh. im such a bad friend.
why did you have to go?

yesterday went to orchard.
so fun.
i reached cwp at 10.50 maybe?
jo called.
she was freaking waiting for a cab for like 10 mins?
rich ass. nvr call taxi before.
;tsk tsk.
saw my gf zhaoming. ROTFLMFAO.
he was waiting for lzx.-_-"
i siam. sian thn eve arrived.
eve was early canns.
jo said eve might be late.
thn accompanied jo on th phone.
eve nd i went to 6th lvl.
i took pics of her ass.LOLS.
she didnt want me to take her face.
thn went to arcade.
sian luhhs.
crapped till jo arrived.
went to ljs for lunch.
tt rich ass was so fussy.T_T
LJS didnt even have change for RA's $50.X)
lols.eve nd me stole RA's moolah.
X).hurr RA. nice nice.
after eating went to take mrt to orchard.
on th mrt. crapped alot.
mostly about this particular guy. X=
hurr. thn someone called from teens mag.
said i won some cd or something.

it was so long ago?
reached orchard.
went to zara nd mango.
RA lahhs.
lols.stuffs were so mature.
but i like th mango long sleeve.
thn walked to far east.
went around shopping but bought nothing.
saw a harajuka shop. so pretty.
not me lahhs. too punk le?
walked. saw stuffs we wanted but not tt nice.
thn eve bought shilin nd RA nd me bought ice cream.
ate thn saw cjc pple running.
amazing race?
a guy was eyeing eve.


thn walked to hereen.
will pass by lucky plaza right?
we were standing outside th sex shop.
deciding whether to go in.
lols. thn got one uncle was eyeing us.
thn continued walking.
went to hereen.
walked around.
th th sales pple were SO HOT.
thn RA dared me to walk into th male section.
didnt.lols.but i did it after we took sales were like staring.
we were so embarrassed.hahas.
we wanted to take th.. err i forget what machine.
but it broke down thn we took ulala2
its nice lurhhs.
but th dercorating pen fustrated RA.

blogger cant upload th neos.!~
ill try to upload nxt time.

thn we went to cine.
lemme sumarise we met a new friend.
thn played para.
i suck at it.
thn crazy taxi.


interact meeting tday.

my sis wanna use.

;i wait for th postman.

posted: 8:48 PM
Wednesday, March 15, 2006


OMFG. someone used beryl's name to spam me. -_-"
chi bao mei shi zhuo. isit? ND used my name to go to beryl's blog to spam.
idiotic. heng beryl called me otherwise i wont know.

sigh!~ awww shucks.
ill remember tday. his VERY sweet.
but we have nothing to talk about. X=
does it really take two nd a half times th relationship to get over th person?
i understand how a couple of pple feel.
why do pple break up nowadays? nd without reasonable reasons.
well wish all th couples everlasting.

to me lehhs. friends last longer.
they have no expiry date. X)
JOLENE girl i love you many manys.
jolene says red is sexy.
lols. it is lahhs. =D

ill see her nd eve tml.
*stands up nd does th happy dance. X)
wee!~ i hv to wear a skirt. =(
but for jolene's sake ill wear. BOO.
jo arhh. make me wear.
*Terms and Conditions Apply.

sigh. i overslept.
so didnt go to NPCC.
didnt get to make chocolate. =(
tday was boring talked on th phone almost whole day.
with him nd xw.
sms-ed lian li. she rotted in sch. X)

is it with meaning or empty words?
dont tell me. i still cant believe.
im just very happy. thank you.

tml going orchard. 11am breadtalk!
wee! im so happy.
although pops didnt give me moolah.
ill enjoy myself. X)
it'll be better if ber was here.

; filled with glee.

posted: 5:41 PM
Tuesday, March 14, 2006

didnt get to update yestrday cos my com shut down on me while i was typing.
it sucks. im also fed up with maple.
it kept d/c-ing.
okay about yesterday.

had remedial.
it started at 8.30.
i got outta home at 8.20. xD
thn had to take taxi cos i was going to be freakin late. arghh.
1st is chem which i dont completely understand.
im rubbish at chem.
had a break.
went downstairs. sec 1 ncc boys SO cute. so small size. thn fall in was like DO-RE-MI one.
me,buddy nd ms loke was talking bout them. cute lurhs. X=
ltr it was maths.
it was congurent. nd i understand. hehes.
it ended at 11. so played bball.
i have butterfingers lurrhs.
i dont know how to play bball. i suck.
thn arranged to meet zr.
ahaha. he treated me. xD nd i paid half of yun hua's nd zr paid half.

so funny lurrhs.
zhi xiang sat with me nd yh. hes SO stingy can?
thn he blamed me for putting th corn nd egg into th soup. =(
thn they like played with th food. -_-"
zr's table best sia. SO disgusting can?
boys will be boys. esp my gf lahhs. MERLION.
lols. zhaoming is my gf. ROTFLMFAO.
cos when eat finish tt time yh had gastric.
thn nobody pei so asked zm to be my gf. lols.
i bhb lahhs. cut cake so funny.
they were playing with th cake. LUCKILY i cut cake very heng.
nd th fact tt i was a girl. X= okay a girl with too many male horomones.

left me one girl with. like 8 boys?
thn actually wanted to watch movie.
actually wanted watch date movie.
but some dont want.
LOL. but in th end he watched date movie with th rest of th guys.
date movie was nc16 larhhs. nd sam was suan-ing th other guy[sorry forgot name]
very cute. but short. must be younger larhhs.
shes very cute. our outing changed to thur.

OKAY, for th sake of mr. soh jun feng i'll try to type in PROPER english.
yesterday was fun.
he told me he miss-ed me. xD
ahaha. i'll not divulge anymore.

tday had honors day rehersal.
was okay.
tiring. my leg hurt.
thn stayed with sister nd darling son.
played? lols. we were lame-ing.
thn went home with son.
he called me.
we talked. xD
im a happy girl!~


; just a kid in a fairground. addicted.

posted: 3:46 PM
Saturday, March 11, 2006

lianli nd i are laughing at our squad.
so cute lurhhs.
only 3 went for training.
for th nco one.
cannot even fall in.
i guess zwei sir will be disappointed.
will say. like tt how to train.
i wanted to go.
but i outcast.
all my sisters nvr go.
they woke me up. Y_Y
sigh. disturbed.
first it was syhirah.
thn hoi kah ying.
i wanted to go.
cos he was going to be in sch.
but i overslept.
they were like begging us to go.
ky threaten me.
say i said i wanted to be committed.
k lahhs. i did say tt but...?
i donno.
im tired. can finally oversleep dont let me sleep.
wats tt about?

okay i did say i "miss-ed" zwei sir.
but tday only lahs k.
let me sleep.
okay. i try to make it for evry training.

most go is NA de.
we more stress bahh?
so we need more rest.
xD tts wat ll say.
i agree.
i donno lahs.

its like this lahhs.

our batch th pple is lazy?

evry of my cca is falling.


we really need to buck up.

;cheers to all th fuck-ups in life.

cheers jf.

posted: 10:08 PM
Friday, March 10, 2006

;water under th bridge

got honors day rehearsal.
nvm ill rush hm.
EVE. eve. JO. jo.
ahaha. im happy.
opps. affected by jo's ahaha.

tday was half day.
sch was okay.
had mt.
-_-" sun lao shi was so gd to us.
cos she got kb-ed yesterday nd cried.
thn she said she'll praise us only.
instead of scolding us.
anyang got praised. xD
i was. wtf.
totally sian lorrs.
asked us whether we knew how to write NIU CHE SHUI.
WTH. we're not tt good in CL but NOT tt bad.
crapped bout NIU CHE SHUI.

thn had ss.
ys cried.
henry lahs.
haiyo. consoled her.
haha. i know wat she thinking th.
shes kinda lonely?
as in shes thinking th world is against her.

thn eng.
had to file.
didnt care. file le.
i packed bag.
desai was like. T_T
not so early released.
boring lahs.

had meeting aftr sch.
talked serious.
i hav to pull up my socks le.
sigh. stuffs.
my holis has been taked away.
i need moolah.

wahaha. had service day.
okay overall. just tt got scolded frm huda.
haiya. i was noisy.
had loadsa good news.
ms ng.

he was in sch tday.
went to cwp.
coincidently he was on th same bus.
hahas. i like to talk.
@# die le.
so many pple know.
she wu lai wo.
=( i kept her secret k.
it was safai.

had dinner with daddy dearest.
i wanna change hp.
went see see.
must wait renew plan.
i wan th w900i or razar 3x/3.
otherwise z520i.
ex phone or cheap?
i think getting razar 3x?
singtel got discount.
2 years 78!~
m1 was 500+ with 200 trade in.
but must wait.
thn mom most prob getting mine plan.
renewed i mean.

i dont hav a lover. T_T
unless i say its not true.
thank you very much.
its just nonesense.
pple just spicing up my tag.
i donno.

i have to flood lianli's friendster.
toodles. xoxo.

;sister you left me. )=

posted: 8:41 PM
Thursday, March 09, 2006

i hv a life.
this is it lurhhs.
so there.
my tag is so lively.
elridge. -_-" my far far away fren.

i have no more 'feel' le.
lols. watching chnl u.
the superstar th drama serial.

chem was okay didnt study.
god let me pass.
my maths too.
i wanna eat pizza th.
if we kiss so funny.
end in a diff way.
read during eng.
desai didnt come.
pple revise i read story book.
lols. th teacher say i shift house.
couldnt study sat on th floor.
at th back of th class.
den i got toilet.
say till like i relocated. T_T

sian. mr henry..
askd me write 10 explainations
of wo gen ni jiang.
sian. i cant think.
nd desai give th worksheet.
like jc stuff so hard larhhs.

tml release early got meeting.
-_-" sian. still need come back hm.
do full u. got service day.
same group as benjamin.
totally... nd ridwan.
ji tao bang wall.
tday honors day rehersal.
sian. half hearted do.
francis had to ask me to stop daydreaming.
daydream wat. him was there. xD
he so cute lurhhs.
he talked to me tday. lols.

sian holiday also gt training.
nvm since i whole week coming nd all.
HECK. i have no holis.
commons was okay.
can just pass lurhhs.
thn im happy. xP

im happy.
dyon brighted up my day.
he got pple jio worrs.
lols. so cute.

im so bored.
so many things to do.
i hope after tml can settle everything.

ahhahas. tday. @# nd $%. lols.
safai.. larhhs. i was LMAO.
so qiao. cannot believe.

;a kid in th candy shop.

posted: 7:06 PM
Wednesday, March 08, 2006

ss test today.
okay lahhs.
didnt need to study.
i studied seperation.
merger nvr write other factors.
i think i get around 7 marks bahhs?

wat i do...
i tok cannot...
sun lao shi lecture me tday.
i was. -_-"
cos she caught me copying hm's work.
lols. she was standing behind me.
i didnt noe.

mt was okay lur.
sucked. as usual.
ltr had math.
i was talking too loud.
amplitude too high. xD
mdm tan scolded me.
-_-" i don like scoldings.

den had cme.
tired. wanted to sleep.
nvr. i read yh's storybook.
hurhur. she asked y i and kel same same de.
why not together.
i was. -_-"
i also donno. n_n

nice nice. if we kiss.
i wanna go library.
return book.
borrow book.
tml after briefing maybe go.
touching story.
boy kiss girl.
was girl 1st kiss.
girl think too much.
boy donno think wat.
girl mummy like boy daddy.
boy kiss girl best fren.
girl best fren tell girl she like boy.
girl ask boy he like girl best fren?
he say ya.

lols. went to mac aftr sch.
cos didnt wan go home.
ate mchicken.
kim ate cheesieburger.
we r anti-mahxuewei.
we were talking so much bout JF.
lols. so funny.
amy came in dripping.
her birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY. siao kia. =)
she siao one.
her laughing chao addictive.
maggie say my hair like pubic hair.
ji tao bang wall.
nvm will grow.
i said 'i pubic hair,amy vagina'
cos she was dripping wet.
we were talking so loud.

saw brandon teo.
i hear no evil.
see no evil.
wrong is evil devil.
he 'study'.
i ji tao bang wall again.
boss mdm give me slap.
=( i ask for pay she slap me.
c3 was lame tday.
he say i tday so guai study.(or smthing like tat)
i say xue ni.
he say bu yao qua jiang.
ji tao bang wall AGAIN.
lols. went hm.

on th way home
saw cherylene.
sit bus with her.
talk stuffs.
she went hm early.
she say mr koh told the sch.
don take drug. nd pok down.
lols. talking bout my ex.
so cute.

daddy ACTUALLY ask why i was late.
i say i go study.
he give me this gong face.
-_-" hard to believe mehhs?
then called xw -_-"
he very wan die like tat. xD
sorry hm.
msged JF.
he called whn i was talking to xw.
so i hang up xw fone.
now also talking to him.
keep ah-ing.lols.
called JF since he called me.
talked for a few mins.
he wanted to sleep. T_T

then went online.
to write a testi.
lols. i wrote nice nice for her k.
sian so i wrote for alicia.
cos i miss-ed her. lols.

got NCO crash course.

one mth sec 4 jiu pop le.

sian holi = no holi.

busy ler....

nvm can slim down cos zw train.=)

its gonna be tough!~

seven deadly sins. Jealousy.

posted: 8:16 PM
Tuesday, March 07, 2006

i fell asleep at 9.30 yesterday. xD
was tired larhhs.
didnt study physics =X
ling shi bao fuo jiao.
my chinese is so great.

i put WO BU ZHI DAO on my test paper
on the yan yu chen yu thingy and
i put WO YE BU ZHI DAO for the textbook thingy
cos i studied for the moon blahy lols.
im so gonna flunk!~

WEE!~ cannot get 2nd in class again.
xP made CHOCOLATE after school.
so fun lurhhs.
no fairs.
boy so wat.
act big nia.

i sold chocolate with yonghong.
=)) he so cute.
we went around selling.
the boys stingy larhhs.
wan sample. -_-"
we not store kaes.
need as much as we can make and sell.

sam soo bought about 25 or so.
so richh. saw him going home in TAXI.
rich man sia.
he so funny.
mr loy pulled my ear.
BOO. pain lehhs.
cos i was wearing xtra studs.
fiza took my plastic ones and threw it away.
-_-" nvm. i be good girl don wear xtra ones.

went home alone.
they pangseh me.
no larhhs. i pangseh them 1st.
met jimmy and norman outside.
jimmy ask me look for fy.
i go see see.
norman ask me go AO take form for him.
i yo0r dog arhhs.
TMD. keep ask me.
pls larhhs. walk all th way for him for wat?
omg she stead with *****.
wtf. this must be true love.
xD jimmy is better larhhs.

saw sis on th way home.
went home with her.
i slipped and fell on th staircase.
omg. i so malu.
butt hurts.
suay must be norman.
curse me. @#$%^&

xuan wei missed called me.
call him.
he scold me.
cos i wanted to eat instant noodles.
cos i promised him.
and he promised me not to do others' hmwrk.
aiya. help hui min zhao gu ta.

i realised i want blythe for my bd.
lols. donno whether wan bbq for bd.
waste money.

;th witching hour

posted: 9:21 PM
Monday, March 06, 2006
i sooooo love my new skin. =)
posted: 6:36 PM

lazy to blog. now i feel its an obligation to blog. cos we have a VIP within our midsts. ahhaha. and i feel "GLAD" to introduce him. drum roll pls. *drum roll. MR HENRY KWEK. hi MR henry. thanks for INVADING MY PRIVACY =D i cant believe he is so free. read ppls' blog. nvm. i have a freedom of speech. gees. talking bout freedom. i have none!

HAs. its common test. arghh. i have yet to call kenneth bout working. anyone up for working? arghh. have to go back to sku for eng remedial maybe? sucks completely. see her face i sian.

nvm. i go make chocolate. NPCC GOT BOOTH AFTER HOLIS. COME BUY. =D

sian my geog only 25/40 at least i got PASS
-rolls eyes at anton and amos.
my POA 24.5/25
shit!~ miss by pathetic 0.5!
yeah. i improved. lols.

commons arghhs.
going mad. MT tml. don wanna study.
-shakes head.

blahhs. i ate instant noodles for dinner.
save moolah. $5 hahas.

btw. i found my ex has passed away.
god bless him.
up there with the angels.
maybe i cant accpect it?
may god bless low ah hock.
btw he died in a funny way. lols.
abit sad larhhs.
don wanna say lerrs.

toodles. xoxo