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"Sarcasm is the body's natural reaction to stupidity"

Live by faith, fight with love, grow with grace.

Chris. 22. Chinese-Thai. AB+
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Typical Aries, is super analytical and talks too much.

I may be a little crazy, a little so weird and maybe even extra-ordinary. But i'm glad to have people who love me.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

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posted: 9:55 PM
Friday, February 24, 2006
i skipped. was tired from the day before. felt dizzy larhhs. sick maybe? got to catch up on my beauty sleep. hahas. missed ariff's debate. awww.. im bored!~ read all my library books. now really bored!~ wanted to download 02jam. so freaking long. sian. BERNARDETTE WORTE ME A LETTER. I CRIED. BOO!~ SHE DIDNT GIVE ME A REPLY ADDRESS -_-" she is in toa payoh girls' home. her sencentce for3 years. sigh. must wait till im eighteen. hope she come out early. -fingers crossed.
posted: 9:21 PM
Wednesday, February 22, 2006
i cut my hair. xD so boyish. lols. bird's nest. hahas. so sian. tai ji arhh!~ shhs. hehes. so sian. someone advice me how to spike? NO ENG REMEDIAL. IM SO FUCKING HAPPY CANNS?
FALALA LALALA. -grins. =P tml got geog! going to force sam soo to tell ghost story. yeah!
posted: 9:52 PM
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Fallen through. sigh. tml got eng remedial. i don wanna go! i wanna pon. hurrs.. asked papa whether can write letter.. he said must got vaild reason. i say 1day,2day,4day and 5day see her now whole week see her. totally sucks larhhs. den he reply. haha. as if teacher would like this kinda reason. i say. if can jiu hao le. SIGH. i don wanna go remedial. cos i have to see her stupid face. im stupid larhhs. thats why i failed. LMFAO. I HATE CHINESE AND ENGLISH. hurhur. so funny i hate my languages. rather i don speak it? i just effing hate the freaking chers larhhs. stupid. make me go remedial. i sleep let yo0 see. donno going anot. asking nat. SIGH!~ poa.. homework. im lazy canns? MT.. no need say. copy can lo..
yo0 never really cared. it sucks. arghh. i need someone to hug. a shoulder to cry on. STRESS ARHHS! SIGH SIGH SIGH!~
fugly shit. i hate sku. i don wanna go sku. but im a good girl -_-" SHIT SHIT SHITS!~ interact.. sighhh.. its collapsing. HOLY SHIT!~ i just like the word shit. lols.
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posted: 9:00 PM
Monday, February 20, 2006
i bored. so i'll blog again lols. hmms. 3:1 im i too picky? lols. 3 girls : 1 boy. -_-" ARGHH. I NEED AN OASIS OF CALM. i really wanna take a walk down the beach with bernardette. come out larhhs girl. i miss yo0 TRUCKLOADS. dont let me down again girl. im waiting for 17/03. finish yo0r sentence. k? i don wanna see yo0 in and out. i wanna see yo0 graduate. please? honey.. i really dont wanna be disappointed again. whatever i do is FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. don make me cry time and time again. yo0 make me disappointed. SIGH. BERNARDETTE YEO SI BING. WAKE UP YOUR IDEA BAHHS...

posted: 8:28 PM

sigh. my eyes hurt so much. after all that crying. lols. guess wat? i failed my eng. SADS. sigh. i never failed my english until now... not counting sec 1.. stupid pushpa. i failed and i cried. boo. ONLY one to cry. lols. im so pathetic. pple was like shocked larhhs. i cry because i failed. lols. i feel so stupid luhhs. suck. pushpa the 2nd. LMFAO; hai hao larhhs.. natasha failed? surprised larhhs. fathin also. siao.. suppose to pass one fail. the world has turned upside down. donno whether should work? i wanna work larhhs. put of my mind off stupid things. SHH! lols. i like him no longer. yeah! hahas. talked to huimin today. bout th usual stuffs. BOYS. duh. sigh. with a guy yo0 need limits. but i don have a guy lols. wish all couples everlasting. treasure yo0r guys.. my girls. turn to me whenever yo0 need to. im a shoulder to lean on. ((=

daddy's upset. i failed my eng. just passed my chinese. SIGH!~ i need a tutor. next going down i guess POA? i dont understand at all. im so STUPID!~. thats wat mama says. sigh SIGH. im depressed.. lols. tml got exco meeting sigh.. i wanna cut hair. i donno whether to cut tweety? i need a shoulder to lean on. lols. im crying oh so terribly. i wanna scream!~
posted: 6:23 PM
Saturday, February 18, 2006
IM BORED!~ hahas. maple sarks. keep DC. nothing to do. just ate a tub of ice cream. i gained 1 kg. lols. i so patheic. cant believe myself. alone at home. so bored. occupy me.. anyone?
Clarie and Me.
posted: 5:31 PM

im in need of a drastic change. well the blogskin is a first. =) nice? comments. thanks. btw if you're reading this please tag.
here's something to keep you occupied.
Claire* and Samantha* were playing basketball with a bunch of friends. They met Kenny* at the basket court. Kenny was Claire's primary school friend. >>>> fast forward. The three of them and a bunch of friends would always meet up to play basketball together. At the same time, Claire, Samantha and Kenny was close friends. Almost everyother day they would call and conference with each other. Claire and Samantha was falling fast for Kenny. Samantha soon told Claire that she liked Kenny. Claire also confessed to liking Kenny. Claire being a loyal friend wanted her best friend to be happy so she decided to let Samantha to have Kenny. Claire became matchmaker. Without Samantha's consent, she went to ask Kenny whether he wanted to be Samantha's boyfriend. Samantha upon knowing that Claire went to ask Kenny that question she called Kenny immediately and corrected the mistake. But who was to know that Kenny liked Samantha too! So Kenny called Samantha that night with Claire inside the conference. Kenny insisted that he was serious. but Claire was Samantha's best friend.. Samantha asked Claire to reject him for her. Kenny was disappointed but life goes on...

It happened a year ago.. It happened again later that year.. it was with Daniel* resulting in a much worse ending.

The bond between the two friends broke down. They left for other friends. Nowadays they have conflicting differences. Quarrelling with each other as days went by.

This is dedicated to me and a old friend of mine.

*Names changed to protect the people involved. lols.

It was disappointing to see boys come into our friendship. Its not my fault nor yours. it was the right place wrong time. i just hope to see you change back to yourself. Clarie* everything is not about boyfriend. so forget bout Wind before more friendships are lost. Wake up.
posted: 9:37 PM
Thursday, February 16, 2006
THIS BLOG SEEMS SO FCUKING FREAKING DEAD!~ lols.. this few days very sian.. so stress. lols. 6th march.. lots of pple the b'day.. hahas. on tat day its gonna be my funeral!~ yo0 noe why?? cos i got 4 tests tat day. almost broke down today. didnt want to go NP... i wanna go home study.. lols. its a first but.. little time left.. i got job offer.. surprise bahhs? must go interview.. restaurant job.. who wanna work?? tell me.. i set up interview for yo0. =D hahas. sian.. NP so sian.. cindy came back!! =) so happy. i like cindy mam. shes not biased.. lols. GUESS WAT?? i got 2ND for CL.. so happy.. YO0 noe why?? cos our class highest is 52.. lols. anton.. so smart.. i got 50. LMFAO. tie with the whole class.. hahas. actually fail de but retest.. all 50 lorrs.
its like.. dots..-_-" i got 33/50 for pure geog. -grins- but anton win me again. -_-" PEI SI ARHHS. LET YO0R BF LOSE TO ME LEHHS. LMAO.
hmms.. considering taking pure lit.. can i do it?? im adding pressure to myself.. i got do many subs.. lols. hais. MY JIAN BAO never do. sun lao shi KB liaos. i hate chinese lurhhs. I WANNA CHANGE eng teacher. KESAI SARKS......... chem neberr do somemore i rep.. hahas. ss.. tml sit outside class arhhs. i so bad..

one is in the home, another wants to follow in her footsteps. sigh. what to do. i cried over this.
SI GERALD! I MISS MY BERNARDETTE. i miss yo0 so much girlfriend. i wanna spend yo0r birthday with yo0.. pls.
posted: 10:34 PM
Wednesday, February 08, 2006
proposal for v`day. REJECTED. haiis. cos ah chan[mr chan] don wan BGR in sch. -_-" err?? pls larhhs.. theres no stopping bgr. must fund rising another day.. haiis.. i wan a camp.. must think of objective. blarhs.. how?? got so many test. i think know that im gonna fail my Mt.. lols.. i suck at chinese k. considering taking [b] syllables. haiyo. noe basic chinese can lerrs larhhs. must be studying pure geog.. but sam soo say 1st test fail also can. fail lorrs. lols. well too tired to study.. having a running temperature. cant believe i got sick again. he asked for patch.
-_______-" its been a year liaos. think i still like him?? bhb larhhs him. i need rest. i wanna sleep. but tml got np. i'll be cauaslty? tired. dragging myself to sleep soon. but 1st must drink milk! for healthy bones. =D

-i've given up. i treat it as i never knew yo0. i treet it as if we never talked. goodbye boy.

spending valentines' with... i donno. i had enuf. i'll spend it with my girlies better off. i miss my honey.
posted: 9:05 PM
Saturday, February 04, 2006
im NOT bored anymore. cos JF's a KUKU. i wanna go out! i wanna watch i not stupid too. i wanna play pool. i wanna ice skate. i wan a valentine! haiis. so many i wants. but theres a i need. i need yo0.