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"Sarcasm is the body's natural reaction to stupidity"

Live by faith, fight with love, grow with grace.

Chris. 22. Chinese-Thai. AB+
Lives in Singapore/ Made in Bangkok/ Heart in Walt Disney World °o°
Typical Aries, is super analytical and talks too much.

I may be a little crazy, a little so weird and maybe even extra-ordinary. But i'm glad to have people who love me.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

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posted: 10:33 PM
Monday, January 30, 2006
posted: 9:39 PM
Saturday, January 28, 2006
its only CNY eve and i`hv got 5 angbaos! goody. $70. =) im happy larhhs. sian have to clean house. i lan lan do. cos mom was screaming in my face. cant talk back. im a good girl. unlike some bad boys i noe! sian larhhs. yesterday night went to wlds centre. wanted to eat dinner.. but gui xiang wanted to buy shirt. i picked one out for him. >.<>.< yun hua, gui xiang and kenneth SIR. =P went to see him. sad larhhs. cliff was feeling down. GOT MOOD SWING ARHH GIRL? hahas.

posted: 9:23 PM
Thursday, January 26, 2006
i asked you to get out of my sight why dont you?
im sick larhhs. was feeling giddy and want to vomiting liketat. i wanna play pool larhhs. tired. np slack larhhs. ziwei come back nvr PT us.. he take our PT CAN SLIM DOWN LEHHS! for sure. btw he was suppose to be in aust.. saw was like. -_-" i tot you suppose to be in aust for A YEAR! he keep picking on me lorrs. and xinyi. say we wat sister. -_-"sian larhhs. after CNY wanna go towning. buy clothes! haiis.

posted: 9:39 PM
Monday, January 23, 2006
-_-" just realised alot of pple wearing blazer for CNY. me also. diaos. me will be wearing this fashion white blazer plus eBase halter and black pants bahhs. haiis. i actually wanted a dress! haiis. i too fat cannot FIT! * looks at my fats* haiis. i need to slim down! someone give me a job. i need moolahh! haiyo. shooting was. -_-" didnt eat lunch. wanted to eat KFC. but no one wanted to go. =,( i love KFC now cans? donno why.. called shuyii. she in CKK. -_-" called yuanyii lorrs. met herr at the 881 busstop. YUANYI YO0 VERY SLOW LEHHS. i walked there and she still at home. -_-" went to eat at cwp. denns go find wallet for herr tuu buy denns don have nice one. go take neos. we were mad lorrs. keep screaming. NVM. shop was empty! hahas. decorate very plain. no insperation. watever its spelled. today i suddenly draw class tee design. very girl lehhs! denns add graffti 3e3. werid. doesnt match lorrs. haiis. give up larhhs. use it for blogskin. =)) i wanna learn how to do blogskin!

-forgetting yo0! wo man man de si guan.
posted: 8:58 PM
Saturday, January 21, 2006
i got my POSBcard! yeah.. can spend money like nobody`s business. just have to find a source of income. i need a job. arghh! anyone noe where i can get a job right away! im tired. stop asking who i like pls. i donno wanna think of him anymore. hes just a useless bum. he doesnt care. life`s a bitch.

-fark off bitches. im tired of yo0 ACBC.
posted: 8:53 PM

just for ********,

yo0 knew i liked yo0. yet yo0 did nothing. i let go. i could cos we didnt contact. now. everyday i see yo0. i hope to see yo0. i donno why i`ll like yo0. im not suppose to like yo0. i don even noe yo0. i noe yo0 wouldnt read. im just stupid. i put myself thru this misery. im getting out. im letting go. pls get outta my sight. i never knew i`ll like yo0 this much. i hoped yo0`ll notice me. but is just a stupid hope. i tired. im tired of waiting. tired of crying. i noe i didnt tell yo0 but. good bye. sorry. just leave me.

-heartbroken. i think i love yo0. haiis.
posted: 8:46 PM
Friday, January 20, 2006
TGIF. tired. tml can sleep till 12pm =) finally! tml going to library with kim. return book. pay fine. -_-" was too lazy larhhs. go bank make card. withdraw cash. go jab. haiyo so many things that i put off. plus go buy balloons. haiis. too many things to do. sian.. i wanna go towning soon! maybe tml. if can find someone pei me cos i wanna buy more CNY clothes. i only bought 1 set. sad larhhs. parents don let. use edusafe barhhs. haiis. 100 bucks gonna fly lerrs. sobs.

wo bu hui deng xia qu le. gen ni suo wo xi huan ni ye mei yong. zhi hui reng wo shang xin. i happy tat yo0 not talking to me. i hope it stays tat way. ke shi wo jue de.wo fang bu xia. i still wanna like yo0. haiis. tears.

-i need TLC. seriously.
posted: 9:20 PM
Thursday, January 19, 2006
everytime go NP got thing happen -_-" sark lahhs. bitches. =P long story.. full story ask me. tml i wanna go library!
posted: 9:01 PM
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
sian lurhhs. never update cos com sot sot. and mom don let. im a good girl yes i m. =D hmms.. sat went bowling.. played pool too. so long never play le. $9 per hour.. -_-" i rather go thailand. play for free. cos mahh aunt house got pool billard table. the big big one.. =). suddenly wanna ice skate.. so long never ice skate le. haiis. dislike sku.. -_-" feel sleepy always. haiish. wo dui zhi zi hen shi wang. i promised myself not to get into trouble. i see myself being tempted. i don wan anyone of my friends go down the path i did before. i miss my Berr darr alot. bloody hell lots. im missing herr so much. i really wanna talk to herr. bloody hell. i miss herr so much tat i cried. not first time larhhs. i really wanna noe hows she doing. hope tat i can see her on her b`dae. i really miss my honey lots. =,( darr, hurry come out. i wanna see yo0. i got lots of things to tell yo0. does everything have to end up in tears and blood? kaos. i so bloody angry. im tempted. im afraid i`ll break my promise. i have to control. is there no other way out. really pek ceh. i really need to talk to someone and soon.. or i`ll break down. i hate pple mistaking me. fed up. fan arhh! i cannot take it. things change too fast. im left behind. no one to pick me up when i fall. i sound so depressed canns?haiis. zhi xiang ai ni ke shi wo bu neng. life`s difficult. no one to pull me thru life`s sadness. let me be stuck here forever. im just waiting for yo0 to pick me up. wo hai shi hen xi huan ni. wo xiang wang ni. but yo0 always appear in front of me. i look out of the window. wishing yo0`ll appear. yo0 make my heart sing. but theres no us. trust me. this could not happen cos yo0r a MCP! idiot. make me cry. wang ba dan! MEN...

-bernardette please appear infront of me!
posted: 9:48 PM
Friday, January 13, 2006
i trust myself to do my best! must jia you. tml going bowling.. interact stuff lahhs. things are gonna be different. wait and see. i wanna outshine. abit stressed. i need a hug.

-life`s imperfections=me.
posted: 9:45 PM
Thursday, January 12, 2006
i cry suddenly.
im too overwhelmed bahhs.
haiis. i cant understand me.
under pressure.
posted: 10:25 PM
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
nana loves herr girls. 007. =)
we`ll fcuk the 3 bitches upside down.
arghh. i wan go gym! im FAT. i grew 3 cm. yeahs. haiis still got homework. Mrs desai larhhs. KNN. never come give us paper do. so fcuking hard canns?
hes fcuking sweet. im fcuking jealous. no one spent so much money on one present for me. =( i wan a valentine! oh shucks. fever.fever.fever. the feeling sucks so much can? make me feel like a weakling. yes Cliff. i think im a feminist. =P tired. i need proper sleep! two assignments in waiting. doing on my own. haiis. mr sanjay PLEASE DON MAKE ME PRESIDENT! i wan vp post. not tat much responsiblity. junfeng. why you say so zhun one.. i don like being in charge. makes me bossy can? easy dun lan one lehhs.. im hot tempered.. anyone wan go bowling??

-i need a hug. i love my girls.
posted: 10:25 PM
Saturday, January 07, 2006
things do change larhhs. im taking charge of my life barhhs. unhappy memories left me. im just waiting for new happy ones. ` wo yu zian le ta, di yi ci zhi dao ai de zhi wei, zhi dao na zhong wu fa... yong yu yan xing rong de gan qing de zi wei.` i remembered.. once sherlin once said.. at the start of sec 2.. all we were looking for was simple love. who knew it could be so complicated. so confusing. so heart breaking. innocence. is what we had. now.. things has gone haywire. feelings has changed. so does yo0r choice of frens. open yo0r eyes barhhs. i had already opened mine. life isnt about boys girl. yo0r lost in lalaland. things dont go so smoothly..
i`ll just don wanna care le. i wanna be a good girl. i wanna study hard. but i need someone on the sidelines. my guy best fren.. haiis.. donno wanna say.. go yo0r NS barhhs. I DON CARE IF YOU DON. understand.. i`ve been wanting to cry desperately.. now i can. i feel so stressed can? stop blaming me lerrs. i just wanna have fun.. i hate putting up a act. i wanna be me. i wan to suddenly break down and cry. i wanna scream and laugh the next moment. i wanna be me again.

-on my road to salvation. my solitude.