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I may be a little crazy, a little so weird and maybe even extra-ordinary. But i'm glad to have people who love me.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

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posted: 10:26 PM
Friday, December 30, 2005
suddenly i wanna see snow! snow snow.. not ice type snow.. hahas. just now was chatting to monil.. after o`s maybe go overseas study if i cant go JC.. blahhs.. or either take mass comm. donno why nowadays i keep talking bout getting married. =X hahas. maybe watch to much ai de zhang men ren le. hahas. im lame lahhs. im bored! omg. i suddenly wanna have a bf.. diaos.. im stupid..

-she i wanna bang into the wall. and i wanna stop refering myself as a third person.
posted: 10:11 PM

well.. the new years coming lerrs. i might be involved in a car accident next year hah. well looking back.. 2oo5 has been eventful.. relationships.. haiis. =P friendships. i regret ever losing frens! many things happened larhhs. i guess expect the unexpected next year.

2oo6.. i wish for.. better resluts. less bitching. more freedom. more cash! many more.

i guess im not tat girl anymore. don expect me to change boy. im not a toy. doing whatever you what me to do. im going to clean up my act. at least let me have fun. i changed alot this year. im everchanging. depends who im with. but accpect me for who i m. don change a thing. a least im not an ah lian lerrs. =P jus a bitch larhhs. watever yo0 guys say.. i hope there wont be any more probs le.. but i guess there well be.. just DONT CHANGE ME.

-crying sliently. i don wanna be left there alone.
posted: 7:51 PM
Monday, December 26, 2005
i post also no one read.. -_-"

well.. christmas was okay larhhs. something told me tat i was going to spend christmas with my ex.. well.. kinda larhhs. not tat i wanted. haiis. no one give me christmas pres. sobs. sian. i wanna countdown on new year.. i wanna go yong kang`s house.. hais.

-a tender moment like this.
posted: 11:20 PM
Friday, December 23, 2005
hmms. wondering should i post my christmas wishes here.

1. sony ericsson z520i. white one.
2. $1000 cash. to go shopping on boxing day.
3. keyboard.
4. flute.
5. laptop.
6. shopping spree.
7. baby taz frm mini toons.
8. a puppy or kitten. which my parents forbid frm the hse.
9. a job!
10. a date for christmas!!!!!

well. its top ten larhhs. esp. 10.

-she wans a date for christmas!
posted: 5:44 PM
Wednesday, December 21, 2005

yesterday went to sch. do `PROPOSAL`. why inverted. because... we (i.e. alot of pple) sat there and crap. im just pissed off lahhs. ask me wake up so early go sch and do ZLICH. stupid lorrs. that`s why im bitching. i admin lehhs. suppose to do all the crappy stuff. hahas well i have someone to do it for me. so i can laze around. its a proposal for goodness sake. talk on the phone also can finish lorrs. -_-" waste of time only. waste of freaking manpower.

well waiting for nxt year`s sec 1s.. some of my friends are coming i think. just anticipating the new year bahhs. donno what will come in the new year. well. merry christmas and a happy new year.

-wat do guys take her for? a toy?.....
posted: 9:59 PM
Monday, December 19, 2005
im just fcuking pissed at my sis larhhs. im just in a fcuking bad mood lorrs. everything is going freaking the wrong way can? btw its not going my way. totally sucks lorrs. i rweallii hate the way he thinks bout me lorrs. im just wat a fling?? then go and fcuk off thank you very much.

i really need to relax man. is there anywhere i can fcuking scream?? I JUST DONT CARE.

doing lame things to relax larhhs.
How You Are In Love
You take a while to fall in love with someone. Trust takes time.

In relationships, you tend to be a bit selfish.

You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

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How Are You In Love?

true lahhs. hahas.

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err. ???

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hey i love my dark chocolate. =)

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i like my style.

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hey im starting to like this.

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err. music`s nice but... erm okay..

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??? =) comments? okay i know this is getting but hey. i like it.

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erm. okay. i confess of splurging but plastic??

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blah! puii. i don think so.

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i am. am i?

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hey im a good girl. =))

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abit to early to confirm. but its sweet ya?

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bingo tats so me.

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i have to confess tats me!

hahas. enough already i m already flooding my own blog. hahas.
posted: 7:31 PM


- shes just in a bloody mood can?
posted: 9:51 PM
Sunday, December 18, 2005
changed my blogskin. nice? comments pls. took me 2 hours. used someone's skin. edit abit. AITIEN scroll down at the tagboard there. there's a surpise for you. =) cheers girl. i love your smile.

-life`s a bitch yea?
posted: 7:01 PM
Saturday, December 10, 2005
i freaking hate mahh family mann. jus totally sucks lorrs. haiya. i fourteen liaos also mus cane me mehhs? piang... they don freaking care lorrs. life jus totally sucks.. arghh.. im sinking in depression sia. omg.. i jus ate a bag of chips ferr lunch. haiis. dinner lehhs. mahh dad nn sis go cwp also neberr tell me. go lorrs. i'll jus strave. likdat i can slim down horrs. -_-"

-she's jus... depressed larhhs!
posted: 8:44 PM
Friday, December 09, 2005
well. these few days been spring cleaning. moved my bed! wee! *jumps for joy* now i dont have to endure my annoying baby sister.. notice the word "baby" she's jus a year younger. and her whining gets her anything she wants. OMG. i realise. i m freaking jealous. okay i m. but my parents have gone to far in pampering her! Sigh, how i wish i was pampered. [hint!]

so bored. been rotting at home these few days. found a old cd.. s club 7. that i used to listen to when i was a little girl. i admired them those days. their songs were nice. very catchy. hahas. well. regreted that i didnt went to find work. hahas. lazy me. yesterday was benjamin daddiie's birthday. broke so couldnt celebrate with him.

computer's in parents room. sigh. i am literally Under Parentral Control. arghh. fed up. at least i m a good girl. stay at home. thinking of a way of digging 8 bucks from daddy for the christmas bbq. nothing to do everyday. watch tv.. read books. i finished reading them in 3 days. been blog hopping. so many things happened. so bored! i need something to do! someone ask me out! where money needs not be spent! hmms. seems that i'll be spending christmas alone. with my batch mates. i am so freaking -_-" cos i have to spend the day with some bitches. well i have some bitching to catch up. hahas.

-why does she seem to be the last to know. why?

_________________uncared.dumped.abandoned.left alone_____________________
posted: 10:23 PM
Thursday, December 01, 2005
IM BACK. wakakas. nn took mii so long tuu update. =D. hahas. hmms. 27th come back lorrs. around six bahhs. reached home started calling pple. XD fone bill explode. 28 jiu go sku see class list lorrs. haiis. PoA complusary i was like WTF lorrs. denn sci taking chem. -_-"" zZzZzzz. haiis. not wat i expected lorrs. denn jiu go suntec fiind mahh yue mu =) hahas. esther's mom lahhs. denn ate lunch.. OMG i ate twu lunches. denn go walk walk see see. went tuu toy r us AGAIN. i was like " huiiya i bring go mahh house" she was like??? denn bring herr go see mahh toy house hahas. denn go one kid riding a small bike. derx motorized kind denn i was like "tats mahh neighbour lehhs" denn we collapased laughing lorrs. i was am so lame. denn go kids land dere. esther nn huiiya did derx paint art keychain hmms. wondering bout getting a job dere. jus hab tuu find uncle. denn met one jie jie. emilia chocolate jie jie. shes so pretty lorrs. hahas. denn on derx 29.. go see esther work lorrs. so sian. sit dere like 3 hrs. denn huiiya come pei mii tok before herr shift. den i went tuu mahh granny's. got 25 bucks nn spent it in one dae.. diaos. todae lorrs. went ice skating with cliff.. denn sian sian derx so went tuu watch chicken little. derx fish so cute. derx orange alien so freaking cute lorrs. hmms.. denn went home lorrs. haiis. so tired. tis few daes been slping like at 2 3am like tat. cannot sleep mahhs. hehes. been toking on derx phone..

-ask herr out tuu someone where $$$ needs not be spent.