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posted: 1:56 PM
Thursday, June 15, 2006
ergh. wtf.
come back frm holis realise my shoes are stolen.
!#$%^@ tt idiot lahs.
my sch shoes also steal.
-_-" how i go sch man?
plus my slippers too.
heng i got two pairs.
sad lahs.
my shoe is new shoe lehs.
not even one month old. wear less thn 2 weeks.

genting was fun.
archery was fun.
pool was fun.
bowling was fun.
i wan go genting again.
i wan play archery again.
i wan play pool again.
i wan go bowling again.
many many hotties.

ok lahs.
no shuai ge.
but saw my sch pple.
th malacca trip pple.
so qiao.

anyways i also saw farah in genting.
she was so cute. hahas.

bought handbag nd a long sleeve.
so little stuff bought.
but i liked malacca clothes but not my style.
in base was nice.
but ex.
price almost as same as sg.

;th stars say ill fall in love with you.
i seriously dont want to.
im too afraid to be hurt again.

;hits nd misses.
i miss you.
posted: 9:55 PM
Saturday, June 10, 2006
im bored.
im off in 8hrs?
cold arhs?
nvr been before.

miss me when im gone okay?

how i wished what he said was true.
a happy ending with you.
what i wan for you is now...
study hard boy.
i can wait.
i'hv been waiting for a long time already.

;will you miss me already?

off frm 11th -15th.


posted: 9:27 PM
Sunday, June 04, 2006
im bored.
came back frm th library.
tday icare was okok.

tml must wake up at least by4.30

whr r you?
i wanna talk to you so much.

i miss ber lahs.
when holis go out buy contact lense together.
now she is inside.
how can i not be bored?

wanna ice skate!

;for every person tt is hurt there will be another to heal.
baby i miss LIA. =(
posted: 8:22 PM
Saturday, June 03, 2006
ergh. i wan to work.
manager says no need.
in need of moolah!
daddy says we're going overseas.
i dont wan to.

well nvr been to genting before.
go lors.
camp was fun.
love th campfire anyways.
was rocking.

jo wans me to go shopping with her thn i also not free.
no cash also. =/

4 june. project icare.
5 june-7 june. LMS course.
8 june.chemistry remedial.

busy week.
horoscopes were right.

staring at th beam of orange glaring into my house.
its quiet.
abit too quiet.

wo hen pa ai shang ren he ren.
posted: 10:03 PM
Friday, June 02, 2006
ill blog quick.
cos someone wans me t sleep. -_-"

daddy asked whether i stead with **
i wanna bang tt invisible wall lahs.

tata for now.